Work stress is often a part of our daily life. If we let it.

Even if we know what to do and we know how to do it, work stress can occur and make us perform less or inferior. This is in shorter perspective, in longer perspective our health is jeopardized.

So much in our lives is dependent upon that we are satisfied with our work situation. It effects how we treat people in our surroundings and hence how they treat us. If we enjoy work and are satisfied with our performance we are kind and supportive to others. While if we feel bad about something at the place we go to earn our living occupational stress appears and our attitude towards ourselves and others can be quite harsh. We all deserve better than that.

The reasons we may have for feeling occupational stress can be one or more of the following

unsatisfactory duties

demanding duties

work overload

feelings of unfairness

fellow worker problems

disrespect towards a superior

unjust salary/compensation

unhealthy environment

pressure of performance

the list can easily be prolonged.These are all severe problems for the person experiencing them. It is important to remember that each person will percieve his or hers work situation differently. Hence, work stress can occur in any or all cases.

The perfect life would be where our work reflects our passions and intentions and is based on our values. Unfortunately very few people are so lucky. Most of us have bills to pay and did not really have a lot of choices when taking a job.

Only a fool chases a dream, and believes that work can be fulfilling in the soul. Or? I once heard a wise man say that if you have a job you are not satisfied with you should quit immediately. There is someone else out there who would think it was the best job ever, and you are occupying his place!

Until then you might want to discuss your situation with a superior to see if any changes can be made to your benefit.

One more thing: never neglect your need for creativity; the source of love and fulfillment.
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