What is Goal Setting?

More and more people are hearing about it and have come to wonder: What is goal setting? And what a great question that is. Because, although the phrase is far from new it has suddenly become very modern, and you kind of understand it and yet not.

What more is; you probably even already use it more or less without consciously knowing that you do.
Well, enough beating around the bush. Here's the answer to your "What is goal setting"-question.

Goal setting is a strategy. When you know what you want, be, do or have, you need to know what to do to get it. This is where the strategy comes in. Usually we know some of the requirements that has to be fulfilled in order to achieve that which we aim for. Those are the smaller goals that has to be met "along the way". Thanks to your keeping to the strategy you will not loose focus on the Big Goal when striving for the minor ones.

The work that has to be done when setting a goal is both mental and practical. The mental work consists of dreaming big, which is like taking the leash off your mind and let it run free for a while. The other part of the mental work is completely different. Once you have your dream clearly before you, you need to decide on how to get there by zooming into the picture and see the details of it. You then analyze the details to understand what steps you need to take in order to reach the dream.

Here's an example. Sebastian wants to own a thriving web shop where he sells diving equipment. In order to do that he needs to

  • start his own business
  • decide the name of the store
  • produce a web site, either he does it himself or has someone else do it for him
  • choose a web hotel to host the site
  • find out which equipment to sell and who to buy it from
  • check out the competition to establish his niche
    and much more

Now each of these smaller goals too have a plan of action connected to them. For instance, to find a web host that meets his needs Sebastian has to compare several hosts according to price, storage capacity, support hours and so forth. But before that he must reflect upon his own resources and demands.

After the majority of the mental work is done the practical work begins. That being filling out applications, making phone calls, searching the net for possible affiliates and competition sites and so on. During the whole process it's easy to loose oneself in details forgetting to always keep focus on the goal. It is equally easy to loose faith and confidence in the idea itself or your abilities to cope and succeed. The remedy for that too is to keep your mind on the goal. Never loose sight of it.

To conclude the "What is goal setting" question: Goal setting is a strategy that helps you manage your life or work or business towards that which you consider to be success.

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