Why a vision board is a good idea and how to make one.

Creating a vision board is the magic form of creating your future.

An important part of time management is to set goals for our daily life. And for our daily life to be meaningful we need to have goals that extend through our lifetime. This is where a vision board has shown to be a great tool.

With pictures, cut out from magazines or created by you, and words you make a patchwork vision of that which would make your life complete and grand. To make the vision yours you can cut out your face from a photo and paste it in a scene where you would like to see yourself.

As an example: You have a speach to make, and are really uncomfortable about talking in front of an audience. Create a picture of yourself making the speach to a lot of people. Add some details, like your autograph, the name of your fan-club, a picture of a book you have written, a medal you've recieved for your genius or top performance etc. Write words like "The Queen of ..." or "The Master of ..." (fill in the blanks). Then take in the whole scene as being reality, the truth. Believe it, and it's yours.

Pictures and other material can be found in magazines or broschures. When you make a vision board about life goals then you may want to put some time and effort into it, while one for a one-time event (like a speach) perhaps not have to be so well-made as long as it fills its purpose. On the other hand, if you are obliged to talk to groups of people now and then it could be a good idea to keep the created board so you can use it more than once.

The more work you put in it, the more vivid will the experience on the board grow in you, and you will be confident about the outcome.

To further strengthen the effect you can use creative visualisation. To do that you close your eyes and imagine the picture of yourself having attained that which you want and next activate your senses so that you not only see what happens but also feel, smell and hear. You notice colours, see faces and hear people talk and perhaps cheer, you smell roses or freshly baked bread, feel a soft cheek or a pat on your shoulder and so on.

Creative visualisation talks to your subconsious mind which is beyond stress and other uncomfortable feelings and the whole body listens to your subconsious mind. Creative visualisation is what athletes use to set their mind on winning. It's powerful. Used together with a vision board and your chances to achieve what you want are great.

Quickly made boards work fine for one-time events!
We Won!

I succeeded!

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