Clever time management tools are a good start to a "gooder" life.

The variety of time management tools you will find here may seem odd to you as they are so different from another. However, it is my belief, that's just what makes them so successful. Hopefully they will get you on the right track and keep you there ones you have added them to your life.

To create order in your life and succeed with your daily tasks you need to do some mind work and some practical work too. Surely there are thousands of tips out there which to use. These are my suggestions:

  • get a winning attitude
  • work with positive affirmations
  • develope the right economic thinking
  • to set goals
  • be an effective list writer
  • learn to delegate
A winning attitude must be one of the most important tools for any fortunate achievement in life. If a winning attitude actually takes you to the goal is hard to say but without one, you most probably won't get there.

To get a winning attitude you must know exactly what you want, and really want it. This is accomplished by setting goals. You spice up your goals with positive affirmations saying that you have already achieved them inviting you to feel the sweetness of making it.
Having tasted that you start to believe that victory is doable. That belief is the root on which your winning attitude will grow strong and eventually branch out encompassing most anything in your life.

Time and money are somehow hand in hand or the exact opposits. With time management you'll want to use your time effectively and that means using your finances effectively too. Id est you spend your time doing things for others, for yourself or for your profit. Balancing the three so that you are content in your soul and heart as well as in your bank account.

In order to do that you need to become aware of the value of the things on your to-do-list. It should not be full of profitable tasks only. There should be a fair share of quality time with friends and loved ones and quality time for yourself. Estimate the value of your tasks according to how long they will take to complete and how much they are worth to you ones they are done. Values are e.g. favours, friendship, money.

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