Time management tips that work.

Here are my personal time management tips that I treasure. I still use them but over the years I have improved them and no doubt I will continue to do so whenever I can think of a more rewarding way to manage my life. This, of course, has a lot to do with the fact that my values changes, and their hierarchy too along with the changes in my life. That's why it's a good idea to always keep an open mind to new ways to handle anything in life. That's time management tip number one.

When a stressor (what evokes stress) shows up I may react with fear but only for minutes, after that my stress and time management system takes over and soon things are moving towards the right direction again.

In fact the system sometimes appears to work on its own more or less. More than once when a stressful situation has occured I have stept into the old reacting habits I used back in the old days. After a while when I still think I'm deep in it, when I stick up my nose above the waterline to get an overview of the whole situation I'm surprised to see that everything is well and on its way to even better. I then have but to laugh at my stoneaged reaction.

The foundation of my life, my happiness and my ability to work any system is meditation. Every day I meditate. I have done so for more than ten years now. Thanks to meditation there is hardly any stress, worry, anger, frustration, or stubborness lurkin in me. I can be in the now and feel joy for seemingly nothing. Therefor my number one of all time management tips is to meditate.

The rest of the time management tips I use comes in no particular order.
I write lists, I love lists. BUT I DON'T OVERDO THEM!
It's the perfect thing to write down everything that takes up time and energy. Once on paper it's out of body.

I say "out of body" not "out of mind" and here's why: if we worry or are stressed about something we cannot deal with right away, we can choose to put it so far back in our mind we think it doesn't affect us anymore.
But it does. It stays inside us, not in our minds but in our bodies. We carry the issue with us and where it's at, it prevents energy to flow as it should. The physical reaction will soon be a symptom of stress. No good. Better to have it on a list.

Back to the list. I use lists at home, in my personal life and at my workplace. With several meetings or places to be in one day I need a list that is rather specific. It would include not only when meetings begin but also time of departure from where I am before the meeting. If I need to stop on the way to pick something up I write down arrival and departure time at the pick up place. With such tight schedule the list will help me to acknowledge that I'm on time. I usually add a few minutes to every or every other thing. Instead of 15 minutes to go from A to B I write 20. Then I know there's room for delays and it makes me more relaxed. These 5 minute breaks are golden moments for me when I enjoy a chat with someone or a still moment before leaving the car. I have added minutes to my list but in reality I have added precious moments of relaxation or pleasure.

Lists don't have to be in the shape of a list. I have one on the refrigerator. It's a bunch of reminders attached with magnets in different colors and shapes and placed in no appearent order. It looks nothing like a list and that is why it works so well. Like a painting it speaks to the right side of my brain, the unstructured side. There's plenty of space there and my left brain perceives what my right brain takes in. Surprised? Effective time management tips don't have to be how we expect them to be. It's a good thing to be open to the unexpected. I have a similar magnet board at my work place.

Mind maps work in a resembling way and I often write lists in the form of a mind map. They do not work so well if the list is a time schedule though.

There is no use in writing a list unless you know what you want to achieve. That is why goal setting must be the next of my time management tips. At first sight it may strike you as ridiculous to set a goal for some of the things I do. But then you still have to learn something about setting goals.

If I want my children to grow up feeling safe, loved and well taken care of then one of the things I must do to achieve that goal is to drive them safely and punctually to their dance classes or scout meetings. They know they can count on me and so they will be grown-ups who others can count on.

In the same way my family, friends and collegues can be sure that I will do my best contributing with what I can and so my goal to be an respected and respectful human being can be achieved. Concequently I take my coworker's phonecalls if she asks me and I empty my neighbours mailbox when they are on vacation. And I'll find time to do it because it'll lead me closer to my goal.

So far, meditation, writing lists and goal setting. On to the next of my time management tips. That of finding your own time.

Few people have time to meditate in the middle of the day. I'm one of them. But I do take time to treat myself at least twice a day, 5 to 20 minutes. More important I have made my family do the same. We have an agreement that whenever one of us is busy with his or her own quality time, no one else disturbes them. During those moments I charge my batteries, enjoy a view, a meal, a piece of music, I write or read.

I'm not embarressed to say I'm an expert at delegating. It's useful to have someone else help you out sometimes and I always show my appreciation in abundace. The way I see it is, if I can ask for assistance from someone who is passing there anyway or doing almost that kind of task, then their load won't be so heavy and it's easier for them to help out. Needless to say I'm always there should someone need my help.

None of the above time management tips would do much good had I not been a positive thinker. I don't take myself too seriously and while I'm at it I don't take problems too seriously either. They're usually a blessing i disguise and I'm eager to learn. This positive attitude of mine has not been with me throughout my life. Indeed not. Meditation got me here. Well supported by yoga, nutritious food, creative work, love for nature, good friends and the belief that we all play an important part in Universe.

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