Useful time management skills

People who are learning time management skills usually realize that these are skills they already master. It is not a question of advanced learning or complicated thinking. No, on the contrary. These are skills you've picked up growing up living a normal life.

Think back for a moment and see if you can remember having been in any of the following situations or rather similar ones. Did you ever:

  • think through an upcoming situation? Example: before a trip; did you find where to get best tickets, estimate how much money you needed, decide what to pack considering where you were going and what the weather would be like, arrange with transportation "from door to door"?
  • go through your resources? Example: Do you have enough blankets and pillows, when all of your 18 relatives are coming to spend the weekend; timber and nails when you want to build a carport; money/savings for a sudden change in your life?
  • ask someone to help you? When you lacked knowledge or time?
  • choose one thing ahead of another based on e.g. time, emotions, obligation or net worth?
  • start something that you also followed through? Example: a project at work, cook a meal, take a course and graduate, read a book.
  • leave your comfort zone? Example (though it is very individual where the boarder is): make a complaint; talk to someone you don't know; ask for help; put your life in someone elses hand (travel in a vehicle driven by someone else); tried doing something you've never done before (e.g. public speaking)?
  • think back on a situation evaluating what was said and done?
  • take on responsability for your decisions?

Well, then you already have all the time management skills you need to manage your time to live a quality life without bad stress.

Here's the list again.

Suggestion: Don't put on your list the small chores you do every day, such as getting out of bed, brush your teeth, make lunch and so forth. These thing will be done anyhow and only takes your focus from that which is important.

Every chore that is done should be checked off so that the list always is up to date. You will find that some tasks take longer to do and others may be quicker than you estimated. Just make a note of that so your calculation will be better next time.

The list may have to be adjusted if you completed a task sooner or later than you expected. In some cases you will have to move the last thing of today's list untill the next day. Then so be it. It can also be something unexpected that requires your attention for the whole or part of the day. Naturally, if that happens, your choice or not, you will move today's tasks over to another day according to importance and urgency.

More time management skills you will most certainly find useful are firstly: to delegate tasks. Either because they are outside your area of expertise, to large for you to handle at this particular moment, or because they do not fit inside your schedule. Secondly: you will have to learn how to say no. It's not the easiest thing but if you are motivated enough to do what it takes to live a more fulfilling life... It takes but motivation and a bit of courage. You can do it!

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