Best Stress Relief Tips and Techniques for You

Although meditation, focused breathing and yoga are superior stress relief methods, we are individuals and what works best for you may be a waist of time for someone else. Therefore, here is a variety of methods for you to choose from. Some reduce stress faster and are great to apply as soon as you realize you are under stress. Others are meant to be used daily, if possible, to reduce ongoing stress as well as help preventing any future feelings of stress.

Relief Now

The quickest way to reduce stress is through breathing exercises. It's fast because you have with you the gear you need to do it (your nose and lungs) and if you perform it rightly, it de stresses you immediately.

Many times when we experience stressfull feelings we contract our abdomen and in fact our whole body. When you use a deep breathing exercise your muscles become more relaxed. Hence, energy can flow more freely and you feel less stress.

Most people underestimate the power of breathing techniques and look for other solutions (good or bad) when often their state could be altered through focused breathing.

Other suggestions that give rather quick results would be physical activity, primarily yoga, but there is a good relaxing effect with almost any training where you strain the muscles and then relax. Although there is the issue with our thoughts... Read more about the power of our mind.

An alternative to combating stress physically could be to reduce stress using your senses. Deep within us are feelings that through the limbic system (part of the cerebrum) can and will be awakened by any of our five senses. For example can listening to certain pieces of music be calming and very soothing and help us to gain balance.
To use different scents (aromatherapy) can also result in muscle relaxation that will reduce stress feelings. The olfactory sense is in fact directly connected to the limbic system. There are several oils good for reducing stress. Give orange and lavendel essential oils a try.
It can be very effective to look at art or do artistic work yourself.
Many find caressing a pet will reduce stress and find great comfort in spending time with an animal.

As oppose to focused breathing and yoga that works on a deeper level, these tips will help you enough to become more clear over the situation, recognize new opportunities and take wise decisions.
When under great stress, we tend to focus on that which we see as a threat. With the help of a stress relief method our body can relax a bit and so we are "fooled" to believe the threat has disappeared or at least decreased. The trick frees our mind from the pressure and we can think of a possible solution.

More Stress Reducing Techniques

When you are no longer under the immediate pressure of the stressor, and for your future wellness, you might want to look into the possibility of adding a stress relief exercise to your daily, or so, routine.
A good idea is to pay more attention to how you breathe. With a few relaxing breaths now and then during the day your focus and concentration will improve. That in turn will help you keep calm and on top of things.
In yoga there are quite a few really useful breathing exercises. And to make yoga a daily habit is so very wise. Combined with meditation practice you can be well on the straight road to happiness and fulfillment. That's a good place to be.

Other effective ways to get stress relief is to work with time management and goal setting to gain control over your life.

You might find that many of the strategies presented on this site are connected in terms of the effects that will lead to the results. This is because although we are complexed beings the way towards stress relief for all of us is to free our mind from destructive thoughts and our body from tensions. When that is achieved, we have connected to our essence and our energy can flow freely and we feel no stress.

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Which steps did you take to have less, or no stress in your life? Share your favourite stress relief tips here. Inspire other readers to live a richer life with a tip that worked well for you.

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