Choose stress relief music according to your personality.

The typical stress relief music that works for most people is drums. Although very few choses drums, perhaps believing we need soothing music to relax. This is not always the case. Rhythm music connects with our inner core where peace is.

Rhythm is in our bodies. Every new born baby becomes peaceful when held close to a heartbeat or when rocked rhythmically.

This sensation doesn't stop just because we become older. Firm but gentle pulse calms us. Listening to music is one way to experience the pulse, and a great way too.

If you are in the habit of chosing stress relief music on the new age shelf with fluits, violins and keyboard then that music is a good choice. But you should try some drum music to add to your collection.

At first, if you are not used to the intensity of the music you might find it disturbing, even offensive. This is only until you have let the music inside your body and can relax.

May I suggest that you listen intentively, with headphones if possible, and pay attention to every tone as it comes. That way it'll soon vibrate inside your body too, instead of just outside. Let yourself be carried by the tones and the music will heal you and calm both your body and mind.

Take the opportunity to listen to some drum music right here. This record is one of my absolute favourites. It's Steen Raahauge's "Roots". If you like it hurry over to the gift shop and get your own copy.


Most new age music will enhance your state of wellness; occupy your mind and "smoothe the air" you breathe. Which one you choose is dependent on instruments, voices and which mood you are in.

It's an act of nature to choose music. How the sound resonances inside you is what determines whether you feel good about it or not. This is of course due to the nature's consistent need of to even everything out into balanced harmony. Man is no exception.

How grand that is, when you think of it. Nature actually helps us to find means to become balanced and harmonious. If we listen to the inner guide (voice,gut, or whichever name you prefer), when we feel out of line; stressed, unsatisfied, if we listen carefully the voice will tell us what we need at that very moment to gain balance again. Be it music or something else.

Classical music, metallica, rock'n roll, rhythm'n blues. The list of music that will help you calm and de stress can be made long. As with any of the other stress relief techniques you must try them out to know what will work best for you.

Whichever stress relief music you choose you will reach the best effect and the quickest if you can surrender yourself completely to the rhythms.

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