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Listen, if you haven't already done so, to bits of tracks of this enjoyable drum cd. Scroll down and click the "play"-arrow.


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Reading poetry can be an experience quite like spending time outdoors, by a shore, a swim in the ocean or a stroll in the woods. A healing moment if you do it whole-heartedly. Here are some suggestions: Poetry at

This is truly an exciting stress relief product. If you have not yet tried it get one now! You'll love the tingeling feeling. It's suitable for any age. No need to be stressed to appreciate the sensation it gives.

The Swedish Spike Mat

It wasn't until I tried the Swedish Spike Mat that I understood what excellent help the spike mat really is. If you don't have one already I strongly recommend you to get one.The one for sale here is a "combo" mat with some softer spikes for the more sensitive parts of your body.

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