Stress management can be fun!

Look at stress management as an investment in your health, and probably your life. An investment that pays off is a fun investment, wouldn't you say? The stress management techniques you will learn will become the greatest tools if you wish to enhance the quality of your life.


What is stress?

We feel stress when we face a situation that we are not sure we can handle successfully. It could be something we have never encountered before or something we have done unsuccessfully and don't wish to experience failure again. The stress is created by our thoughts as we consider the situation.

In the thinking process our values play an important role. What we value highly is much more sensitive to failure and criticism than that which we consider unimportant.

What is stress management?

When our thoughts and feelings are focused on the difficulty of the situation and we have doubts of our capability to handle it we need stress management. When dealing with stress we help our mind to think more clearly, more relaxed and in a more opportunity (instead of problem) oriented way.

Stress management options.

  • First and formost it is a good idea to find out what caused you to feel stress. This is to get away from the stressor as soon as possible and thereby lessen the stress, and also to avoid this stressor in the future.
  • Secondly if your reaction to the stressor is intense you might need an immediate stress relief so you can proceed dealing with the stress in an organized way. This is applicable if you feel like crying or if you feel anger, but with other reactions too.
  • Once you feel a bit more relaxed about the situation you will need to deal with both your feelings and thoughts as well as the situation in itself. Usually this will require some of your time and it is important that you take that time, very soon.

    To postpone your actions to the future instead of dealing with it right away will only bring on more stress. So, set an appointment with yourself as soon as possible.

    There are some pretty bad choices when it comes to handling a stressful situation. Do not choose any of these:
    • The use of any drugs.
    • To overeat or eat too much sugar.
    • To use violence.
    • To spend more money than your budget allows.

  • Instead, select one or more of these:
    • Using deep relaxation methods.
    • Work with cognitive therapy.
    • Make sure to talk, to a friend or a therapist.
    • Trust your ability and your inner wisdom to handle your situation.
    • To gain control; make a vision board.

Life is actually rather sweet and exciting, and every time we loose our foothold is an opportunity; a good moment to learn about ourselves and to look for new ways to get things done.