Stress and health ought to be a subject in school.

Primarily stress and health should be discussed every day in media. When we stress our health is affected in more ways than we would first think, and we need to understand how it affects us.

There is a definition of stress saying that stress occurs when we are exposed to pressure, phycological or physical, if we feel the pressure is more than our resources can handle. An enormity of people suffer from headaches, pain, depression, addictions etc. You yourself may be one of them and I bet you know several more. One could therefor conclude that there is a lot of pressure in a lot of peoples lives. Right?

What is also notable is that stress and health conditions are not only experienced by adults anymore. Instead we often hear reports on how young children and teenagers are showing signs of being under stress.

When stress is such a major problem shouldn't we focus more on the causes of stress and how to relief ourselves from it? And since our health is seriously damaged from stress ought we not learn in early age how to prevent stress from occuring?

The brain comes up with a solution to stress.

As everything in nature our bodies strive to achieve balance. This action is affected by our brain, of course, as it's there and it's working!

Let's say you are hungry; your brain percieves the signals of hunger and seeks a solution to the imbalance. Food, or the best available alternative is a good solution to the problem. If your mind is at ease you eat enough to not feel hunger anymore.

However, if you are stressed over something you have feelings of discomfort and your mind apprehends those signals and wants to find a solution to those feelings. Sadly, the brain seem to reason that an equal amount of "good" will balance an equal amount of "bad". The door to eat and/or drink as a solution to get rid of the "bad" feelings has been opened.

Bad ways v/v good ways of dealing with imbalance.

To eat is one way to try to gain balance others may use some kind of drugs or spend money on shopping. The immediate effect may look like it's all working except it isn't.

Lately many alternative wellness programs has become rather common in the western world. Such include meditation, yoga, Qi gong, aroma therapy, healthier food programs and fitness programs to mention a few. Most are exellent when used to understand and create balance between stress and health. It's also said that these practicies reduce stress which is even better.

Importance of food.

Food is so important for our bodies to function. It is the fuel our miraclulous bodies need. However, if we fill our bodies with the wrong fuel they will neither perform their best nor resist deseases or stress.

We all know this of course, so what happens when we are in the food store and pick the wrong fuel? Are we so eager to compensate the feelings of discomfort that we choose to forget what we need and what is good for us?

This may happen once a year for you but by judging from the baskets people carry in the line to the cashier this is true more often than not for most people. These bad choices creates only more stress.

You + you = true!

To make the right choices could be the treat you are longing for. The treat that will tell you that you are a valuable person. We seem to think that a bucket of icecream or a new pair of shoes or a bottle of whiskey is what will make the bad feelings go away. I say, that doesn't work.

What does work though, is to choose healthy bio-food, even if all you can find is some vegetables. When you buy them and eat them praise yourself for how kind you are to your body. Because what you have done is given yourself an opportunity to love yourself. You are your best friend. And while you're at it, congratulate yourself in doing something good for the Earth too. Our individual stress and health problems have definitely become a stress and health problem for the Globe aswell.

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Reliable helper - our subconsious mind.

It is the choice you make, not what you choose that will enhance your good feelings. It could be difficult in the beginning to understand the psycology behind every choice and thereby make the right one.

Don't spend time pondering over that. No, just ask yourself how the choice you're about to make will benefit you. The subconscious mind will give you a hand ones you have made a decision to live more healthy.

As important as food is, is taking care of ourselves so we will live long and live happy. Here's a clip about how simple that can be:

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