Hide signs of stress or prevent them from coming.

Have you ever noticed how signs of stress can appear in your face? Your eyes can look tired or edgy with deep lines between your eyebrows; your lips tight from resolution, your jaws clenched and everything else hanging, gloomy, perhaps redish and puffy. Aahhh, what a sight! Not too pretty, or?

Now, why does the outside matter, you may wonder. In the midst of trying to keep your world together; what importance has a pretty face or a smashing look? The answer is that we do get uplifted from looking good. It's as if we could fool ourselves to believe we are on top of things although we aren't?! It's easier to start out from feeling pretty good than from feeling lousy.

Any time you want or need to make a dazzling impression on someone else you tend to your appearance as well as what you are going to say or do. You make sure there are no, or at least no too obvious signs of stress that can pull your overall points down. And let yourself be fooled by your own glow. When you glance in the mirror and see yourself making an effort you mentally tell yourself: "I can do this. I can get out of this situation, not just alive but successfully too."


As an emergency rescue you can always use some cosmetic products to hide or minimize the signs of stress in your face. Here are some tips:

  • Wash your face with a cleanser suitable for your skin.
  • After cleansing use a mild peeling product. Gentle peeling creams remove the dead skin cells and makes your skins surface more even. Your skin then reflects light more evenly which gives you a more youthful, vital look.
  • If you have time to put on a deep cleansing mud mask, do so. It will cleanse but also improve the blood circulation in your skin and, hence, the vitality.
  • If you looked gloomy from the start you might need to add extra moisture. Choose to put on a moisturizing face mask or use a rich conditioning cream at the end of the facial.
  • Before the moisturizer in the finish remember to use a toner to make sure all residuals of the other products are completely gone and to give your skin the right pH balance.
Avoid any products containing hars alcohols.
After such a careful regimen you may wish to apply a foundation or mildly colored blush. There are some great blushes without any shiny effect that works great for males too.

After a facial, complete or parts of it, you will of course take a look in the mirror to see that your looks have improved. With fewer signs of stress in your face you feel better and that's the whole idea. When you feel better you take on a more positive and optimistic approach to your present situation and to the future. And you will get that glimpse back in your eyes!

The new appearence will undoubtlessly have an effect on your body posture too, which is just as important when you want to regain your control over a situation (or your whole life). They both fall under the saying "Fake it until you make it". It simply means that if you pretend to be assured of a positive outcome you are most likely to get one.

A funny thing with body posture is that it actually changes the way our mind works. When you notice a person in a pressed situation he is likely to show several signs of stress. A contracted body with his head or at least eyes looking mostly downwards, his shoulders up to his ears and bent slightly forward would be typical postures. He is deeply concered with what's on his mind and with his posture is trying to avoid any more impressions or influences. He cannot cope with more.

If he raises his head and straightens up his body he will inevitably become more aware of much of which he tried to shut out before. His mind will also open up to possibilities and new thoughts that could bring a solution not considered before when he held the "old posture".

More information will be added to this page. Come back soon!

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