Setting and achieving goals.

Is setting and achieving goals for everybody or just for especially prominent club members? I'll tell you. It's only for initiated and You've, at this very moment, been granted a

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Congratulations! This is a great club to be a member of and it's all for free too. Now let's get some work done while you're here.

If you haven't decided on your goals yet, go to How to set goals for some tips on that. (That page will open up in a new window.)
Next you need to prioritize your goals, if you have more than one. It's so much easier to focus on what you want when there is not a whole bunch crowding your brain at the same time. To decide which is of more importance than the other can seem hard. My advice is, don't let it be hard, trust your gut feeling. Note, you can probably have two goals going at the same time, unless your life is really messy.

Your passion for your goal should already be glowing inside you or it wouldn't be a goal worth pursuing, but you need to create sparks at this time in the setting and achieving goals process in order to start the movement. You can use visualization to do that. It's like making a movie in your head where you play the lead. Again you can let your brain off the leash and not hold back on anything, especially not your feelings. The movie should be about when you have just reached your goal. Picture the setting in color and with details such as furniture (or outdoor environment), the people who are there to see your accomplishment and to celebrate it, what they do, say and their expression on their faces. What you are wearing, if you are outside; how the sun touches you, and the wind. And as you think about your success and look at and hear the crowd celebrating you; capture the feeling inside of you; make it really yours. Enlarge it and let it seriously go to your head. Believe it.

If you are carrying with you in life a notion or thought that has effected your life, your self confidence and your perception of yourself you can work to transform that in this visualization exercise. Let's say you carry on the feeling of not being good enough. In the exercise when you see yourself achieving the goal say out loud (in your visualization) "I am good enough. I worked hard and reached my goal. I am more than good enough; I am a success". The first time say it in a normal tone, to discover the feeling of it, and then louder with more emphasis. Then, find someone in the crowd of people who is important to you and say "I am good enough." one more time with a low steady voice while looking into his/her's eyes. And see that those eyes shine of joy and pride. You really are good enough! In fact you have been your whole life. Whoever said otherwise was wrong.

Visualization is a most important part of setting and achieving goals and you should spend time doing it once a day for at least 30 days. Every time you do it please understand that it is the feeling you have when having achieved the goal and being celebrated for your acomplishment, that's so important to have access to. That is the wave that will carry your board to your goal. Make sure you're on it!

Next step on setting and achieving goals is to take action. Don't worry if you don't know the "how", as long as you know the "why" and "now" you'll be fine. Think of one little thing you can do to get you closer to the goal and do it. It could be a pretty bad idea and it's still a good step to take. Just be open for impressions, suggestions and opportunities that will show themselves once you act as best you can.

During the process of setting and achieving goals there will be a constant stream of good and less good choices followed by an equal stream of evaluation and setting new goals. It's fun. It makes you feel more alive, when you so actively engage in everything that happens to you and around you.

So, every little step counts. If you have absolutely now idea how to start you can always ask someone, a friend or a forum like Aol Answers. But honestly, if you have absolutely no idea for a step that would take you to your goal, are you sure it is what you want? Perhaps there's no need to go through the complete setting and achieving goals exercise again but you might want to look at your goals from a little different perspective. But even if you want to do reasearch on some rare fungus you must have some idea about in which part of the world it exists and with internet; there's most certainly a web page somewhere mentioning the species and the name of a person or organisation who can fill you in with some details.

The answer is out there - don't give up. And remember, everything you learn while travelling on your journey is of value to your success. In fact, setting and achieving goals is a way to travel - meaning - a way to live your life. A way that will give you many moments of joy and contentment.

Achievement is a big word. And so it is To Achieve. If you expect stars and angels to come down from heaven when you have attained a goal you may be slightly disappointed. It could be wise to have your own bag of confetti at hand since the world won't stop every time you succeed. Instead you must become better at praising yourself for every achievement, small or grand. Make a habit of looking back at where you once started and recognize how far you have come and how well you have done.

The straight road to a goal is seldom straight. We have many lessons to learn and experiences to collect before we are ready to own the goal. There is no need and not a good idea to rush things. Appreciate your learnings while you are setting and achieving goal after goal, and don't be afraid to change your goal. It could be that you, while travelling, have discovered your dream has changed, perhaps due to all the new skills you have gained. Stop for a while, take out a new direction to your new goal, and Celebrate!!!

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