No more resistance to change.

Instead change your attitude and make your resistance to change transform into something more beneficial for you.

Any changes in life require new thinking and new habits. Some changes are scary and some are not. It is natural for a human to be cautious when changes are about to happen.

A good thing to remember is that it is our resistance to change that creates stress in us, not the change itself.

Resistance to change outside ourselves.

It is when we get face to face with something which is different that we feel uneasy, sometimes even scared. We feel we are out of control and for most people that is alarming. It is a reaction we still carry from the times when we were not so much part of a system as we are today. Then our control over our lives was what kept us alive or not. In modern times we are surrounded by systems that, if they function, protects us from most unpleasant and life-threatening dangers such as leathal diseases, accidents, wars, malnutrition, terrorism etc.

Considering that, it is easier to understand why alterings in our environment can awake such a strong resistance in us.

Fast changes initiated and outlined by someone else can be experienced as the worst. Better is when we are invited to participate early in the process. Then we can adapt to the new ideas gradually and hopefully influence the end result, and, hence feel more in control.

To be persuaded by another person to accept change is almost a waste of time. It is rooted too deep in our systems to resist change that it takes more than interesting facts from a visionare. Instead our feelings need to be appealed, but even then it will take some time, patience and a person who is good at reading people, detecting what would make the shift in this particular other.

Resistance to change inside ourselves.

For one reason or another we may be confronted with the insight that we must change to succeed better in life. This creates very strong stress feelings in most people. As scaring as it may be to move to a new town or start a new job it is nothing compared to having to change our values, our habits, attitude and who we are. Many stop there, thinking that. They get no further. Ending up being unhappy about themselves.

This is really a shame. You see, change is good. Change is what makes life worth while. To develope from one to another is so fulfilling and rewarding that it's almost addictive.

Not said that it's simple, nor easy. But, WOW!!! it's worth it.

If you dislike changes you may lack trust and confidence and you may not be very curious, and, let's be honest. It's not the end of the world. Your life will pass and you will be quite content as long as your life is a bit colourless and stagnant. That could be your choice.

On the other hand, should you feel adventurous and curious of the sweets of victory; then progress and new challenges are what keeps you going.

In between are a majority of earths inhabitants. If you are one of them you look forward to changes when you have chosen them yourself and when you understand they will be to your benefit. They make you feel shaky perhaps but in a nice way.

When changes are forced upon you due to a situation out of your control your first reaction might be to fight against it. Protecting what you have, that which is familiar, which gives you a feeling of safety. This is, as mentioned above, a reaction from the ancient ages.

In order to change your attitude and to adapt well and willingly you'll need

  • information about the plan and expected end result
  • understanding of your part in the plan
  • a group to work with or a supportgroup to consult
  • resources; education, finance, coworkers
  • time, even if short, to think through and integrate the idea in yourself

Should these not be given to you it is up to yourself to gather and secure what you need. Make a list like the one above but fill in the details you require. Complete it by adding who or which department can assist you. A bonus, but not all necessary is a supportive person's opinion on how well you will do and how great the end result will be.

Your biggest responsability is to compliment yourself for every step, large and small towards overcomming your resistance to change. Look back now and then to see how far you've come. Be sure to celebrate when you're done.
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