To procrastinate is like carrying an elephant and pretend you're not.

We procrastinate. There is not much to it actually. Yet somehow it's a huge burden to most people, which they spend a lot of energy trying to pretend it's not.

The concequences of procrastination are in short that our to-do-list grows longer. I ones asked a woman how she could keep the weed out of her garden so perfectly. She answered that every time she noticed a weed she pulled it up. And that was it! Nowadays I do the same with most small things on my list. In fact, most of the time they don't even come on my list, I do them before they get there.

If it bothers you that you procrastinate, it could be a good idea to analyze what you procrastinate and why. One obvious reason could be you lack the time but of course that is only a matter of better planning. Look into organizing for information on that.

You could very well hesitate to do something because you are not shure you will do a good job doing it. Lack of experience or plain low self confidence, both are sad to have. The best way is to take action fast and then if it doesn't turn out the way you hoped it would, you still will have time to improve it. Most probably it will be fine the first time and the bonus is you didn't procrastinate and you can feel twice as content about yourself.

Another truth is that usually the ones who see, hear or recieve what you do, are not as fussy as you think they are. In reality most times they're just glad they didn't have to do it themselves.

This brings me to another issue that goes partly under the subject of procrastination. We all need friendly feedback. We all need to hear that we did good, that we were considerate and that our ideas are forward and imaginative.

This is what we need and this is what we should give, to others and to ourselves, in abundance. If we praise ourselves and know we will recieve praise from others when completing a task, it'll be done in a whisk! Then we can enjoy the good things said afterwords and there is no need to procrastinate.

You need to bring up a sensitive issue with someone and you just cannot get around to it? Communication is so important and words have a tendency to not always come out as intended.

Set aside a longer moment, at least 20 minutes when you do nothing else and think through what you want to communicate, why you want to say it and why you want it said now. Scribble down some notes on this, on a piece of paper. When your head is occupied again with the rest of your life you are likely to forget parts of your intentions. After this exercise you will probably not procrastinate much longer, since you'll be confident with what you want.

What is most important to you? That's where you would want to be. Well, why not go there, and whatever comes up on the way take it as it comes. Ask yourself if it's of vital importance. (It usually isn't.) Then do it or decide it can wait.

We often add too much value to things. As if everything has to be perfect and that friends and neighbours will notice every detail about our lives.

Whatever it is you prefer doing, once in a while, you need to take a break. Perhaps to take an objective look at your progress so far, clear your mind to let new ideas in, and so forth.

Now, this is the perfect time to go about some of the things you have on your list. Having done some of them, you feel even better about yourself, and you go back with a fresh mind and light heart to your favourite occupation. The result being that you work better with your main project and you do not procrastinate anymore.

When you do the important and urgent first and procrastinate that which is not, with the intention to do that later, you are in many ways on top of things. That is the time to say to yourself: "Mmm, I'm good!!"

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