Positive thinking will make you rich.

No doubt about it. Positive thinking is like the bridge between misery and satisfaction. It's astonishing the effect of positive thoughts.

When you experience negative stress, your feelings are those of fear, doubt, sadness, being inadequate, worry and such. You or someone else have put a demand on you that you cannot live up to or think you cannot live up to. When you feel you are under pressure like that you may hope for a solution like:

  • the situation changes and the threat is no longer there.

  • another person jumps in and takes over so "you don't have to".
  • another person joins you and you revalue the situation now that you are no longer alone in it.
  • you or someone else revalues your capabilities.
  • you use an effective stress relief method to calm your mind and can handle the situation after that.

All these solutions are possible but had you had a positive attitude towards life in general and the situation in particular none of them would have been needed.

Positive thinking would perhaps not have hindered the situation to arise but your reaction to it would be different. And to change that reaction is just what positive thinking does.

People who have a positive attitude hardly ever get into trouble. They only experience opportunities. They re-think and they learn, and they're having fun!

Hmm, that could be a good recipe for a rich life: to learn and have fun!

What is positive thinking?

When you are forgiving, and understanding towards others;
When you see an opportunity to learn in every problem or setback;
When a situation reveals itself and you can burst out in laughter about the ridiculousness of it or your part in it;
When you can see beyond the hurt, and trust there will be improvements a bit further down the road
Then you are blessed with the ability to think positively. Then you are rich 'cause you can find the pearls in the web of life.

How to alter the way you think.

To change ones attitude from rather negative to positive requires some persistant work. Early on there is the risk you may loose your motivation due to lack of results but soon enough you will notice changes in your life that can only be due to your new personality. Hence, go for it you've got nothing to loose.

One good way could be to start writing a gratitude journal. Every evening write in a book three, five or seven things that happened during the day that you are grateful for. Don't worry about it having to be any major things. On the contrary, small things that make you happy are fine to put in the journal.

After a few days of writing in your journal every evening you will notice how you have made it a habit to "collect" joyful things to write about. You actually look for things to be good and turn and twist situation so they will be to your advantage, only so you can add them in your journal later that day.

You might even need to increase the number of things you write down to twelve or fifteen. You'll find that there are many good things happening in your life. You will also recognize, when looking back, that although there were matters that at the time seemed unfavourable turned out to be very good.

And, in the course of time your mind will learn to trust life as being kind and full of joy.

A Golden Rule of positive thinking.

Being negative generally include commenting on others personality and others achievments. This is of course due to a poor self confidence and an equally weak belief in ones values and abilities. A remedy could then be to give to others what you want them to give to you.

Firstly, remember and trust that most people feel the same need for appreciation and importance as you do. So there's no need to feel sorry for oneself (or anybody else), just make this golden rule a habit and you will soon find out I'm speaking the truth.

If you don't get enough credit for your person or performances it's a strain for you to be generous to others. But you can be certain that once you start giving complements, praising people for having done a good job or solved a problem the same will be given to you. And usually not from where you'd expect it to come, interestingly enough.

If it appeals to you, you can picture it like this: Every time you give support, compliments or appreciation to another person you collect a gold bar in heaven. Once in a while these gold bars comes down as golden feathers over you making you grin of happiness and making your life richer.

To enhance the quality of your life even more you can use affirmations. Click here to learn more about positive affirmations.

Positive thinking and stress.

When you are under stress positive thinking will help you see how the situation can be to your benefit. What you need is either a strong belief in faith ("this will work out fine"), God ("He will help me") or the expression "There's a meaning with everything under the sun" ("I will learn something from this") or some kind of reference book where you can find earlier events and situations that wasn't so bad going through (after all). They actually turned out surprisingly well. This book doesn't have to be existing other than in your mind, but then again it could well be a real book where you jotter down moments that you "survived to tell about afterwords".

Whichever of these techniques you use it will help you to redirect your thinking to the result. And when you take your focus from that which brings on stress positive thoughts comes more easily to mind. As do neat solutions.

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