We give love to our pets and stress relief is given to us.

It's almost magical how well pets and stress relief go together. Man's best friend, indeed. They are there for us when we need them and for as long as we need them. No human would lie still for so long. But our dogs, cats and other domestic friends do, wavering a paw or poking its nose asking for more strokes. As we give them our love and attention our mind becomes calmer and our heart is filled with pure love.

When we take the pet out for a walk we get fresh air and exercise. That in itself is good for dealing with stress and as we tend to the animal's pleasures and needs, outdoors or indoors, it goes back on ourselves as giving is an act of love. Hence, we feel strengthened by the love from the animal and from our self. The strenght builds our belief in our capabilities. This makes us less sensitive to stressful situations.

Dogs and cats and surely many other animals that you can keep as a pet also helps reduce stress in the way that they can be very amusing and make you laugh. And, laughter is great when you need to relax yourself as mentioned on the page about laughter.

Having a best friend in the form of a pet makes you feel important and needed. It helps to take your mind off some of the things that are troublesome or unpleasant. The pressure is lessened and you feel relieved and can think in a more result oriented way.

You may also feel that the pet is a friend that is there for you. It listens intentively, loves to be hugged and it's often okay to cry into the soft, warm fur, quite like the teddybear you had as a child.

If you do not have a pet of your own, lots of pet owners are in need of someone to care for their darlings from time to time and it should be easy for you to get in contact with one of them.

Wild pets and stress relief - why not?

You may not need a pet for stress relief. If you are outdoor a lot you may see animals that fascinate you enough to distract your mind from the stressful situation you are in.
It could be bird watching, snorkling or even hunting(!) as many hunters never actually shoot anything but what they do do is give complete attention to nature in the forrest or outback and that will take their mind off the stress. Fishing, horseback riding and animal breeding are other examples of how one can get in closer contact with nature, our origin. Most people have a need for that but many don't listen to that need, or understand it.
If you do, however, and you are observant of you inner self you will notice a shift, a landing if you will, of yourself connecting to your roots. And that's every time you go out there! Make nature your playground and call the eagles your pets and stress relief is within your reach.
Good Luck with that!

Published with permission. This picture of a majestic eagle was taken by the Swedish photographer Bengt Hallgren. www.asort.se is his site.

One of my absolute best friends in times of stress or sadness is Tass (Swedish for Paw). She is a mixture of several breeds, but you can tell there is German Shepard and Schnauzer at least.

She has a way to hold her head and look at you that says: "Wouldn't you just remember to hug me please?

She wasn't our's until three years ago. The family she had grown up with moved to another country and didn't think it would be good for her to come along. We decided to let her stay here in our home. Tass now sees me as her rescuer and cares very much for me.

A while ago when she suddenly started to limp I called the Vet to ask what to do. She said that when we caress a pet, it releases a substans (probably a hormone) that eases the pain. "It may sound strange, she said." But it didn't to me. I even think it works the other way around too!

We heal one another Tass and I. Pets and stress relief really works! Did I mention she's 15 years this Febuary?


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