Mind power is the greatest toy of them all.

Stress begins in our minds. When we meet a stressor we can use our mind power to make it go away. We can change its form, we can alter its effect on us and we can make sure it never comes back.
When we make use of our mind power we are in control.
However, if we do not use it, and let our thoughts wander randomly we are not in control and the results will be accordingly.

The following may explain the meaning of the words. When you are deeply affected by a situation and feel stress a variety of activities can make you relaxed and stressfree. But, if you cannot focus on what you do (exercise) and want (relaxation) because your thoughts have gotten stuck on the stressor (reason why you feel stress) what you do with your body and hands is indifferent. You need to control your thought. It's a choice you make, like with everything else.

When you choose a physical activity to lessen the stress you need to concentrate on what you do with your body. If you do workout and occupy your mind with some stressor/problem your muscles will be tense and the risk for injuries is multiplied. After the training you will probably feel "half done" having had a semi good training and not having solved anything.

Instead you can make the choice to not think of your problem at all while you jog, play tennis or whichever activity you have chosen. Simply deciding to do that at another time.

During the workout you shall concentrate on your body and the purpose of the training. If you jog you focus on your breathing and each step you take. If you play tennis you try to make aces and improve your backhand etc.

Under such circumstanses your training can have a overall relaxing effect and when you later look into the problem chances are you will see opportunities and solutions you couldn't see before.

It's your choice, you decide. You are in control, it's your choice.

The stressors we meet in our lives are in themselves different but are also perceived differently by us depending on who we are and where we are in life and what other experiences we have had.

The following discussion will leave the stressors being as they are and concentrate on how we can behave when facing a situation that will, can or might be stressful to us. This is where the excellent mind power comes in.

Think of a time when you have been with someone who was less experienced than you or not as brave. It could be a child, a younger brother or sister, or a friend. Maybe you have had the seat on an airplane next to a person who was scared of flying. Or perhaps you have trained a puppy or a horse.

In this situation you have rather firmly talked and guided this person (or animal) to do or achieve something she thought she couldn't. Hop into a boat from the bridge, climb up a tree - and down again, ride a bicycle, sit and listen to every sound without thinking the plane will crash, apply for a loan, make a speach to the bride and groom and so on.

Are you with me? Can you recall or imagine such situation? Fine. Let's do a mind power exercise. You shall work with your mind so, if you please, give your mind a shape. Any whatsoever, as long as it's likable. Even more, make it your best friend. Connect with your mind. Imagine holding its hand or put on a leash, lay your arm round its shoulders.

Now, think of a situation that brings up stressful feelings in you. Let the situation "stand in front of" you and your friend (your mind) and begin to guide your friend through the situation, so that your friend understands what to say and do. Use the same psychology you did in the above imaginative thinking, like, on the airplane or when training a dog. Make sure your mind concentrates on what is real and important and ignores that which is not, with your help, of course.

After you're done "look back" to make sure you've covered everything and to recognize how well you did. Then give yourself a pat on the back.

See how easy it was done? It's funny how smart and cool we can be when the problem is not ours but someone elses.

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