Turn your low self esteem around.

With focused mental training you can turn your low self esteem into something that works better for you. No need to feel stressed anymore due to no confidence. Instead you can release any destructive thoughts.

Has this happened to you?

The vision is right there, every time you don't need to be reminded about all those moments you didn't make it, and all the times you were laughed at, and every single face of the guys who surpassed you, effortlessly.

If you have a package like that you probably agree it doesn't do you any good. Why would you carry such a heavy thing around when you don't need it? You don't bring an umbrella on a sunny day, do you? If not to give you some shade.

A backpack with low self esteem won't shade the sun but if you put some of it in your pocket it'll help you to stay humble even after your confidence has improved:)

One way to build your self confidence, and it's a rather thorough way too, is to do an inventory of who you are today and what you have achieved up until now. To do this you need a few sheets of paper and a pen.

On the first paper write what you have today in matter of means and resources. E g car, house, money in a savings account, and also education, courses and so forth.

Continue with your skills; what are you good at? Small and seemingly unimportant things count too. Keep writing your skills until you have reached at least thirty things. Remember to include such as: make great pancakes, good listener, don't always have to win an argument, always deliver on time etc. Do not add one single thing that is less favourable.

Take another sheet of paper and write down what your friends like best about you. If you don't know, guess. And only the good things. Also here, don't stop after a few words but keep on writing at least twentyfive of your most enchanting features.

When finished put the pen down and look at all what you have been writing. Read it through and add more if you remember some but do not take away anything.

Now, take the pen again and start writing a loving letter to yourself. Tell yourself how much you like all the different things you have just written down, how much you appreciate..., how well you do..., how happy you are for..., how much it means to you to have a friend like yourself and so on. Begin with Dear or Dearest, and your name and sign it with your name too. Decorate the paper so it looks like a love letter to your dearest friend. Use coloring pens or cut it in the shape of a heart.

When you are all done sit for a moment and look at and enjoy the letter you have just given with love and recieved with love.

Another most effective way to rid yourself from that which is unbeneficial for you is to visualize letting go. It may sound simple but it's very powerful.

It isn't possible to say exactly how to do it because we carry different luggage and we work with pictures differently, but you will get the general idea.

Sedona Method Course

Imagine for example a thought saying you never succeed with anything is in your mind and stopping you from being successful. To do this exercise you need to transform this low self esteem thought into a thing or place it in a bag or dustbin. Say you have transformed it into a ball.

To relieve yourself from the thought you can throw it away, as far as you ever can throw; or you can take a spade, dig a deep hole and throw in the ball and fill the hole with the dirt again. It helps to mentally make a short movie of the relieving process, it puts more emphasis to it.

When you have turned your low self esteem around there is no longer any need to not

  • take on a challenge
  • apply for your dreamjob
  • ask that interesting woman out on a date
  • accept an opportunity to speak in public
  • attend a party with mostly new people
The list can be longer. In fact, it can be longer than whatever. There's nothing you cannot do now!
If you have low self esteem and would like to work personally with me I do Confidence Coaching over Skype or phone. Visit my site Anna Molander.Com and contact me if you are interested. The grass is greener on the other side :)

You will find some more thoughts concerning low self esteem and it's roots in fears at Stress In The Mind.

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