To live happy is a matter of making the right choices.

It truly is the choices you make that determines if you live happy or not. Many of us wants to blame another persons actions or words for when we don't feel happy enough. Luckily, we are fully responsible ourselves for all our feelings. This is good news. If we are in charge, we can decide to be happy. Simply by making the choice!
Happiness wants nothing more than to embrace you and fill you completely. And that's what you want to, right?

Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it.

Groucho Marx

What is happiness?

When you find complete happiness you will have the feeling your body is filled with bright light and for a reason you might not grasp at first all you want to do is smile, and never stop. Perhaps you are a bit less perceptive and cannot experience the light in your body, then you will recognize the "never-want-to-stop-smiling" part.

"I want to be happy but I can't."

If you are of the opinion that life is hard and unfair your experience of happiness and light will disolve as quickly as it appeared because your thoughts will drive the happy feelings away. Your unconscious mind will do all it can to remind you that you are not one of those people who deserves to live happy and you should not trust anyone who says otherwise.

If that can happen to you; don't worry. Such sad words can be changed quite easily with different mental work techniques. If you haven't tried The Sedona Method I suggest you do. And don't be hesitant by its simplicity. Try it and you'll be as positively surprised as I was.

Love and happiness.

Love and happiness goes hand in hand. This does not mean though that you need a lover to be happy, it means you cannot feel happiness unless you can feel love. When you have peeled off the layers you have of bad self confidence, of negative thoughts, of careless attitudes and arrogance what you will find in your inner core is You. A valuable, wise and loving soul. That essence of You is not able to do anything but love. Authentic happiness will fill you when you connect to your core. You will have that connection when you feel love for yourself.

We can live happy for many years on the reflection of ourselves we can see in other peoples eyes. The experience makes us sometimes believe that we cannot be loved without the love from someone else. This is not so. The love we get from others is valuable but not essential. Our love for ourselves is essential. In order to bring more love into the world we should connect our self love with someone elses self love and the effect is multiplied. Everytime we do that we raise the loving level on earth. But, it can only be done if we love ourselves first.

How to be happy.

To find your way to loving yourself you can go about it in several ways. One is to meditate. You can find out how to do that on the meditation page. When you meditate you aim to still your mind from thoughts and pictures. You then, in the stillness, get in touch with your inner self. It's powerful.

Sedona Method Course

Another is to give love to others. I have to warn you though, it's really addictive. You will discover it's so much fun and fullfilling so you'll wish the days were longer and you would encounter even more people to be friendly, helpful and supportive to. I love it!

I remember that many years ago as I started to purposedly be generous in my attitude towards others I sometimes felt a bit embarressed. I thought they would feel uncomfortable when I gave compliments or offered my support but it never happened. Instead I noticed they enjoyed to be seen and respected, and who doesn't?

More ways to love yourself and live happy can be to engage yourself in charity work. By contributing to a society or an organisation you will feel more fulfilled, and it sort of gives you higher rating as a human. Knowing you have helped a child, animal or other exposed beings to live happy in spite of unfortunate circumstances will bring you closer to your inner core.

In all the talk about how to give to others to find your own love for yourself it's easy to forget it all starts with you. Mix this work with the suggested actions in the paragraphs above.
The work to rid yourself from that which holds you from taking your love to your heart can be both scary and exhausting. Don't give up. There is a way to be happy being you and you will find it. The rewards will come and be so very sweet. Have the courage to walk the line even if you don't already see the result. Even if you lack the confidence. The proof will show. And you will be there, in the land of "never-want-to-stop-smiling", and from that day on knowing it's possible to live happy, every day.

What makes you happy?

What do you do or where do you go to feel happy? Your great tips can inspire someone else towards their happiness. Share it!

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