Do you recall your Life Goals?

Most people have a notion of their life goals at a very early age, as small children. Had we all grown up under more simple, and yet peaceful circumstances our minds would probably not have lost track of our dreams before we could seriously act on them. As it all is, a majority of us loose our conscious awareness of the purpose of our life in and under the never ending, constantly insistent impressions around us.

It's okay though. You can absolutely find your way back to your dreams and life purpose. It's still in you, rest assured. It may surprise you that it's not only there but it has even evolved as you have too. Furthermore, many, many choices you have taken since you were a child has brought you closer to your life's goal although you, on a conscious level don't know that you know what it is.

If life is a puzzle. The pieces of your life's dreams, purpose and goals are not of any use until you have laid some of the other pieces first. Therefore it's important to not get stressed over not "having achieved anything" yet. All lessons you have learned in your life so far have been beneficial for you in order to become a complete human being.

Naturally you can live your life without thinking a moment on your life goals or the meaning of your life, and many do. However, it would be a waist since we all have a gift, something that we can do or understand better than most. It was given to us with the intention that we would use it to make the world better. If you ever felt that the world could be a better place and you are not yet doing what you came here to do, then get started right now.

Whichever is your goal, it'll be directly attached to your passion. To find your life goal, find and explore what you are passionate about. Usually we have a passion for more than one thing, which is fine. Either you will combine them to one goal or find that developing one will lead to another. Of course, while you are doing this work in your head, remember to write everything down on paper. ("What's not on paper, does not exist.") Below your passions continue to write things you love to do, as many as you can possibly think of.
Next, look at each of your passions and think of a way that you could make money doing what you are passionate about. Do the same with the things you love to do. Be thorough but playful with it.
Now, didn't that turn out to be an interesting list? I bet you came up with some great ideas that simply had not occured to you before. Too simple? Not at all. Life is simple, not hard. Now enjoy your list and develope it into further ideas. And remember to always have thoughts and visions recorded so you can go back and work on them again and again if you need to.

Another fun way to get clear about the purpose of your life and your life goals is to write down on a piece of paper everything you do for a whole week outside of bedroom and bathroom. There is one exception of bedroom and bathroom activities: If you like standing in front of the mirror, holding the bathrobe belt as if it was a microphone while imitating Elvis or Madonna. Such activity has to be on the list!
You should put down everyday chores as well as special event tasks. What you do at home, with friends, at work, in the community. Put it all down for the whole week. It's a good thing to think through what different tasks you perform at work and divide your time at work into these different blocks of tasks. Then, after the week has been properly noted, activity for activity see how many times you have done each one, adding up those that are similar ones. Chances are, that the things you do most often are the things you enjoy most, and if you look closer at each of those you can find your passion hiding in there.
This exercise takes a bit of detective work before you are done, as some seemingly simple chores are significant contributions when looked at more closely.

Once you feel good about your life goals and purpose all you have to do is saddle your horse and hop on. Read further on the other goal setting pages linked to from Goal Setting. From now on most of your actions will take you where you're heading as you have found a new greater meaning with your life.
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