Let the importance of laughter help you make the best choices.

We have sayings about the importance of laughter. Have you ever heard "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine." or "A hearty laugh prolonges your life."? It really does, in fact, people have even been cured from illnesses through having fun.

There are some established health benefits of laughter. When we laugh, the catecolamines (adrenalines) are activated and make our heart beat faster, stimulate our bloodflow and affects our breathing system in a positive way. Our brain's production of endorphins is also affected. We feel calmer and worry less. Another great effect is how the laughter seem to give an internal massage to some parts of our body.

It is contagious too. Our happy face and glittering eyes spread joy in our surroundings. We all know how gladly we smile when watching someone else laughing or shining of happiness. It's a great gift to give to someone: a reason to laugh. And swish, yet another person has loosened up, feeling less stress and worry. The importance of laughter ought to make you smile more often "and the world will smile with you".

So having fun is good for our physical state as well as our mental state. With no bad side effects! If we consider that for a moment. There are not many activities that requires so little to be performed and has the same overall positive wellness result.

It takes some training or the company of a cheerful and trusted friend to be able to see the comical in a stressful situation. One way to learn could be to think back on an event that made you stress out when it happened but has completely passed and gives you no such feeling as you think of it.

When you remember such a situation, try to recall what you did, both in general and in some detail, to manage it. Can you remember anything that in retrospect can seem rather foolish or that bring up feelings of pity and relief (now that the situation is no longer)?

My suggestion is that you look at the situation quite like a stand-up-comedian would. Twisting, turning and squeezing every bit of it until you have found something amusing to laugh about. Or at least you can remember what a great relief you felt ones the whole thing was over and perhaps in what way you now do things in order to not have to go through the same experience again.

Of course, there are some matters that simply cannot be laughed about that are very stressful and that may not have left us completely yet. Then laughter is not the best medicine and one should look at some of the other alternatives instead.

But then again, some of us take ourselves much too seriously and we most definately need to understand the importance of laughter as the key to long lasting wellness and happiness. To think of a situation happening someone else instead of us could be a way to free ourselves from the burdon of seriousness.

Imagine for a moment that everything in your own life is quite the same and that a friend of yours trusts you with the news that he has just been laid of from work.

This information is a big surprise to you and your reaction is filled with compassion for your friend. After a short silence you begin to talk and soon you start to suggest new possibilities and openings in the situation and perhaps even something beneficial in the whole story. You can, so to say, see beyond the time of grief and be open for what can and will come next.

Even though we feel deeply with our friend there is a huge difference to sit beside a person who experience severe stress than to be that very person ourself. During and afterwords it is easier for you, as a fellow, to remember the importance of laughter and to see small things to smile and be happy about.

The purpose of this exerice is to give light to the possibility that we can be our own friend and reason with ourselves in the same way as was done in the above example. Hopefully it will help us keep our stressed emotions at a distance long enough to see the event from a brighter side.

Not all friends are there for you when you need them or the situation is one of the kind one cannot find amusing. Then you can still remember the importance of laughter and find a comedy at the theatre, cinema or television and maybe a book or a magazine you know has a lot of jokes. There are numerous of websites with gags and funny stories that can be good to bookmark for moments of joy.

There are even more areas in which one can appreciate the importance of laughter. It is well known that laughter and the feelings it arouses is an effective way to start a creative process. Something that is used in most creative studios with brainstorming meetings. They are supposed to be gatherings where one silly thing after another are uttered to create some good laughs and hence, the physical reaction that will bring forth the brilliant ideas that one was looking for.

And did you know that learning is also enhanced greatly when the students are in a joyful environment? That knowledge certainly puts raising a child in an important perspecitve.

Another great example of the health benefits of laughter is how nicely your baby or toddler will fall asleep if you have spent 30 minutes making them giggle and laugh before you turn off the light and leave the room. So completely different from the stressed out child who cannot relax and cries himself to sleep.

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