Learn how to set goals with ease and confidence.

If you follow these suggestions on how to set goals you will find it's really easy and also that one of the best effects with it is how confident you will feel mastering your life so well.

Did you ever try to be successful by taking one giant step? Perhaps you are of the conception that taking small steps are boring and will delay the results until forever. Even so, give goal setting a good try and let me know how it worked for you.

A goal is, that, when reached, which will make your life richer and more pleasant and hence something you strive for. Goals can be big - like the goal of your life - and small. The smaller goals should to some extent lead you towards your biggest goal. Your life goal is by its nature a goal of purpose while the other, smaller ones can be goals of personal achievement, personal growth as well as of material gains.

Minor or major, your goal should be lofty. Think of what you want to be, do, or have if everything in your life was perfect. Got it? Now, spice it up a whole lot. Add extra everything. Making it more and better than you first pictured it. There's your goal. Make it vivid with colors, senses, expressions and feelings. Close your eyes and allow the feeling you will have once your goal is achieved to unfold deep inside. Note! That Grand Feeling is what you aim for. Make sure you "know" it in your body. Because, it is what will get you to your goal.

Some criteria has to be met regarding goals. They must be

  • about you
  • possible to measure
  • very specific
  • possible to attain
  • set within a time frame
  • down to earth "do-able"

Once you have learned how to set goals these criteria will be second nature to you but for now it may seem like hard work. Let's look at them one at a time.

The goal should be about you, your life and your dreams. You cannot have a goal about someone elses good fortune or success.

Your goal must be possible to measure. This is so you will know when you have reached it.

When you write down your goal it's of vital importance that you are specific with what you want. The more details you write the greater the chance you will get exactly what you want and as a bonus, during the process of being specific, you will become more clear over what you aim for.

However lofty goals you have, there has to be an attainable aspect to it. It's not possible to become a medical doctor within a month if you have not taken the proper courses and everything else that is required. It would be attainable to have applied to the medical training course in that time provided you have the right qualifications. And then set a later date for the conclusion of the medical training.

More essentials for how to set goals is the importance of a time frame. So many otherwise well written goal settings fail here. If you are not clear about when the goal should be a reality you might aswell not have it. It'll just be another kitchen-sink-wishful-thinking. You will never get around to any action. When you set the time frame make sure it is both realistic and attainable. It would be unwise to try to loose ten pounds until next week. Maybe four pounds in two weeks would be more realistic.

Last but not least is the point on stating the goal so that it feels do-able for you. Knowing yourself, your skills, gifts, abilities and passion it is only you who can estimate if it's realistic to say you can achieve a goal that you have.

Important for all criteria on how to set goals is to not be modest, careful or stiff. Instead be bold, be adventurous and be passionate.

The goal is supposed to make you work harder than usual, it is supposed to have you stretch outside your comfort zone, many times over and it's supposed to give you great satisfaction when reached. But what you do not want is to feel overwhelmed by the size of it, You do not want to be paralized by the very thing you long for, right? or any other similar effect. The main time spent must be in joy and passion. That's how to set goals successfully.

When your goal is set and you feel good about it, it's time to take action. Personally I think this is one of the best parts of goal setting. Most times I have no idea how to start; which will be my first step, or what would be a smart next move forward. That's okay though. After whatever actionstep I take I look out for feedback to learn if what I did worked or if and how I should adjust my next step. The respons I get whether it's positive or negative is valuable information on what to do now. If I didn't get any obvious feedback or didn't understand it, I ask. This technique works for anybody. Continue to act and listen to the feedback and before you know it the snowball has started to roll, and off you go!

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