Holiday stress can rob you of what you need the most.

How do I know what you need the most? For starters - no one needs holiday stress. Stress can help you to organize and get things done. But, make sure you are not the only one doing things, preparing and planning. If you are, the good holiday stress immediately turns bad.

Vacations are best without stress.

For a vacation to be a vacation we need to release ourselves from the everyday stress we normally live with. We need to recharge our batteries, and, to give our life a higher value we should look for new input, get new insights and have an open mind. After such a holiday we come back refreshed and vitalized.

Holiday stress occurs when we are mentally unprepaired to relax. A good way to prepare for vacation is to leave things at home. Things being mobile phone, lap top, even calender, dvd records, computor games, iPods etc, but also commitments.

Perhaps you don't know it is possible to have a vacation without these things, but if you want to be productive in life and at work, I encourage you to be bold and try! It's sort of a game you begin playing as you close the door to your house heading for the car, train or airport. The game is called "I don't live here; I don't work at the office" (or school/factory whatever is your work).

Instead you are a traveller looking for something new to be interested in. Try not to plan too much, instead make plans as you go along. Remember that for the duration of the vacation you have nothing to go back to. Take every step as it was your first.

If you travel to a place you have never been before you might want to take a sightseing tour or maybe two. These are good to book in advance, but hold back on your need to be organized. On the final day, of course you'll need to invite our normal life back and will probably do so with the eyes and heart of a newborn.

Obstacles that will bring on holiday stress can be quite a few. One of the most prominent is when you are trying to clean up before you leave so that no loose ends will be left for others to complain about. Naturally you'll want to be descent and not give reason for anyone to call you sloppy or irresponsible.

We can all be away for a few days without "everything" falling apart. No one person is so important for the world to spin so he or she cannot be absent for say a week. As long as things are in somewhat order when we leave most neighbours and colleagues are glad to assist with the little things. People love to help; makes them feel important! A really easy way to make someone else happy is to ask for their help. And then you can feel good about yourself too, and without any holiday stress!!

Should your neighbour or friend at work make a mess of things, try to keep an open mind. More times than not unexpected changes are blessings in disguise, or at least they expose new ways to do or solve things. Better than the old ones! And you may end up owing him or her some thanks.

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Holiday Season, holiday stress

Is it possible to celebrate the Holidays without stress? Well, that's a tough one. In nature there is a cycle to follow in which we breathe in and we breathe out. Translated into living with the nature's cycles we inhale during a period of cultivation and contemplation, when we gather our strengths and integrate what we have experienced. During the exhale period we explore, develope and bring new ideas.

Having suggested that, I mean that the Holiday season is during our inhaling period when we are better at nurturing, building relationships, improving projects and taking things slower and in a more profound way, all this as the nature commands.

Considering what Thank's Giving and Christmas are all about they happen to be during the appropriate period when we give in abundance but yet in a modest way. However, the celebrations have gone astray, we tend not to appreciate the simple and modest but instead focus on abundance to the edge of showing off. It may be a way of living that some people cannot be without, but it is done during the wrong season!

The splendour of things are causing major holiday stress. To our defence we claim that we are expected to do, expected to perform, we have traditions and so forth, and thus keep on doing what we have always done to please everybody. It is easier, this is true.

We have a choice though. We can choose to break or at least change the well established traditions that bring on holiday stress. It is very possible to make fewer visits, to host a lower number of and less extravagant parties yourself.

Ask people to bring something to contribute to the party, but most of all, remember that it is the personal meetings that are the main point. To meet, share and appreciate one another, not a profusion of food, drinks or decorations.

It takes some courage to change the way of the festivities. If you find a likeminded friend you can support eachother in pursuing your mission. Remember to ask family and friends to have lower expectations. Many of us cannot bear to do that. We are afraid to cause pain to those who resent changes. If that's you, it can help to shift focus. Instead of thinking and worrying about things you are afraid will happen you shift focus and see beyond that towards the result you wish for. Such as quality holidays for all to remember with nothing but joy. It is important to keep your focus firmly and avoid any distractions. When we have shifted our focus the rest will eventually follow one thing and one family member at the time. Then, one day, Holiday stress is but a thing in the past.

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