"I'm happy being me" is magical.

Sit for a moment and see all the citizens of the world saying "I'm happy being me". Please give this exercise a serious try. Don't just read the line, saying to yourself: "Okay, and now what?" But really do it.

You can imagine a line "from here to eternity" of people from all over the world, each of them stopping in front of you saying the same words (perhaps in their own language) and then turn off left or right making room for the next world citizen saying the same, and the next, and the next...
After a while you can zoom really far out and see the a whole half of the globe stating the same.

Do you think any of those who just admitted with pride and contentment the statement "I'm happy being me" have the need to hurt someone else? Hardly.

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If all of us were clear over and felt the love we have for ourselves none of us would have any interest whatsoever to hurt or harm anyone else. It may be the best thing that could happen in the world.

How to get there.

To save the world from wars and suffering you can only start with you, as I can only start with me, and my neighbour can only start with herself. Now, be smart and don't hang yourself up on the pityable fact of you being only one person. Please. No, instead you must think GLOBAL; We are all just one person, but it's a well known fact that we are many one persons. And should everyone of us be "happy being me" then World would consist of 6,875,680,689 smiles.

The only things we have to carry in life is our love and our responsibility for our lives. None of those items are heavy. In fact, when you are in love you usually feel light as a feather, so love cannot weight anything and responsibility is only heavy when you've taken on someone else's, which is something you absolutely should not do.

When we love ourselves and take full responsibility for all our actions (all we say and do), life turns out to be a joyful ride. If that's not tantalizing to you, you probably don't believe it is possible to live life like that. Perhaps you are sure life is hard, not always fair and certainly does not come with a happy guarantee, no matter how many times you cover for a collegue at work or help assembly a bookshelf from IKEA for your mother-in-law. All this can be true, you say, just not for everybody, and definitely not for you. You lack belief.I'm sorry if that's the case, but please read on.

Love and responsibility. When you love yourself you know for sure you are worth every bit of happiness and when you take responsibility for your choices you discover your happiness is in your hands, no one else's. To take yourself from lack of belief to trust you must let go of the thoughts that you cling to. The thoughts planted in you by someone else.

Do you really believe that you are incompetent, weak, boring, disorganized, a failure, incapable or unsexy? You should only believe in a fairytale if it amuses you. You do not have to accept others telling you what to think of yourself anymore. Since you know deep within they are wrong you can stop listening to them and say "They don't know me that well, I do, and I'm happy being me.

The point here is to have a objective view of your relation to others. People who tell you such things have a tendency to personate themselves as a good fairy telling you what no one else had the generousity to do. They are not, and you can stop listening to them any time.

Can you recall the feeling their "kindness" produced in you? It was an uncomfortable lump in your stomach, I bet. Well, there's your answer to that. If any such remark gives you anything but a warm, blissful feeling inside, then it is untrue and should be ignored.

From now on only assimilate comments and remarks what makes you overflow with blissful feelings. And if you don't get them enough (How could you possibly get enough?) from others, give them yourself. Here are some of my favourites:

  • Wow, I'm good!
  • Jay Me!
  • That's how good I am.
  • I hear the angels' applauds.
  • Now, I'm done, and with perfect result.
  • I'm happy being me!

Feel the love from You and take the responsible choice to not listen to others.

One way to test if you love yourself 100% is to be generous to others. This is not a promotion for buying things to give away or for doing things for others that makes you feel taken advantage of.
No,NO. Instead, what is important here, is to give of your love. You can do that by being a good listener; by being compassionate; by being supportive, and also by giving compliments; by cheering any victories and any progresses, and by giving comfort in times of sorrow and despair.
When you give your love in situations like these and feel good doing it you can be sure you love yourself. (Happy being me!)
And if you don't; HERE'S THE BEST NEWS EVER: Keep doing it anyway and recognize that you do (i.e. give love and feel bad while doing it) and your love for yourself will grow and eventually you will find your Self Love is strong and solid. This is the only positive Catch 22 I have ever heard of!! And it Rocks!!!

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