We fight financial stress best with an open mind and a closed wallet.

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Financial stress is a heavy burden to carry, and it costs us a lot of energy. The reward is how much we learn about ourselves and our habits. The causes of finacial stress vary widely. From being unable to pay monthly payments, to closing a business, to unemployment to divorce, and so on. In some cases we have to change our habits. When our economic situation changes over a longer period we may decide to not go away for vacation or not buy as many presents for birthdays and christmas. We may choose to wait another year to redecorate the house or buy a new car. These decisions shouldn't be too hard to make. To have to chose between paying the rent and having food on the table is a much tougher choice. While we don't wish to cause mischief to anyone, we cannot go without food. Until our life has taken another turn we need to cope with finacial stress before it effects us on a deeper level. What we need is to feel we are in control, although this is exactly what we feel we aren't. We take control through small steps. Each step should take us closer to a life without worry. We are not victims of circumstances, we are in control. To get immediate relief when we are under financial stress can be to ask for a few days of grace or take a loan. However, it's hardly a good thing to rely on short loans as they often have high interest. To talk to the debtor first is probably the best idea. Hopefully he or she can wait a limited while longer for the money until you have coped with the situation. Next step should be to lower the expences. To cut the expences is easy for some and seems impossible to others. It can be done, though. We have to alter our lifestyle to adapt to a smaller budget. The sooner we do the better. What you can cut back on depends on your lifestyle up to now. Generally most people buy too much. It can be clothes, accessories, books, magazines, homedecor, gadgets, etc. Say a simple no to yourself before you enter the store.
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Another area where we can save money is on what we eat. Nutritious food is all you need. This of course is true whether you are under financial stress or not. Choose simple, healthy food and then, when you're back on your feet there's room for festivities. If you're lucky, your new healthy habits will stay with you even when your economic situation has improved.

When we feel financial stress it is important to make the right choices about everything. Instead of letting all actions and decisions run as they happen we should stop and think, and prioritize only that which is essential.

Most times when we don't act intentionally and take short term decisions we do this simply because we think of ourselves as incompetent. Not capable of taking and keeping control of our actions. Hence, to feel financial stress could be due to not understanding how skilled we are and how devoted we can be.

It might be a good idea to fight financial stress with a warlike approach. Without dangerous weapons of course. But with the intention to not let the situation take control over you and keep you as a prisoner. Instead, be smart, use a strategy and celebrate each won battle with high praise.

Be sure that others will look at you and follow your excellent example.

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