Eye problems could be a sign of how your life is right now.

You may experience blurred vision or other eye problems in times of stress. Also combined with headache or dizziness. This can be a frightening experience, especially if it occurs for a longer period of time e g days or weeks.

With thoughts of worry and fear the stressfull feelings grow and the eye problems could become more intense.You may find it hard to focus your eyes and keep that focus. It could be that your vision flickers. You may need to stop whatever it is you are doing to close your eyes and be still.

If this happens to you, it is good to understand that the eyes are "showing" you your mind's state. You need to take a longer brake and think through your life. What could be the cause for you not being on top of things? What is trying to get your attention? Some issue has not been dealt with appropriately or completely.

You're not alone trying to surpress emotional difficulties and you are not alone having eye problems because of it. This is a good time to take action. And to do the right thing you will want to let that surface that needs to be surfaced. It probably won't be the most apparent thing; not the first that comes to mind. But love yourself and dig deeper in your mind and heart to find the explanation to your blurred vision.

You might need to destress first to still your mind. EFT, a deep breathing exercise or yoga combined with a meditation could do it for you. Afterwards you sit or lie still and open up to your wisdom within.

When you come up with a possible issue deal with it in your mind. Ask yourself what you can do to relieve the pressure, and see yourself do it. Sit for a while to let the effect take place in your body, or stand up and let any motions surface. Did that help? Perhaps another thought or feeling appeared as you worked on the first one. Then, that too must be dealt with in a similar way.

There are several techniques that could be helpful. Feel free to contact me should you get stuck. Contact page

When you have found and dealt with the cause of your stress and worry you'll be surprised how quickly your vision returnes to normal.

However, should your eye sight not go back to a 20/20 vision, if it ever was, it just might be time for you to get eye glasses, and you should contact an opticians to look closer at your eye problem.

This all happened to me. A very dear friend of mine was dying from cancer. He had only had the disease confirmed some months earlier and no one could understand how it could develop so quickly and even more how it could happen to such a loving and positive person as he was.

During these months I tried to keep my head above the water and hope. Hope for a sudden improvement, for the doctors to admit they had made a mistake, hope for the medicine to change the course of the development, or anything actually.

My eye vision very slowly became worse. So slowly I didn't realize it for months myself. Other projects took my time and energy and it wasn't until I realized I wouldn't meet my friend again that my blurred vision was taking over my life. I could only look at anything, for very short periods of time before I had to close my eyes and try to still whatever it was making my head and eyes spin. Every day was a head-ache day and I started to become really worried.

Finally I went to see an optician. He, of course, told me I needed eye glasses, but didn't seem to hear me when I asked about a possible cause to why my eye sight so suddenly had become so much worse. I, myself, didn't make the connection between my dying friend and my health situation.

A week before the eye glasses arrived I spoke to my mother on the phone expressing my fear over what could be wrong with me. In the middle of everything she said: "I think your eye problems are a reaction to the soon to be loss of you friend."

The next morning I sat down and gave the suggestion a thought and a flood of grief came over me. I worked myself through the feelings and thoughts that arouse. At the end of that session I felt better and went on to some more casual chores enjoying the relief I felt. And suddenly, I realized that my eyes no longer felt dizzy and my headache was gone.

Without a doubt, it was the stress I felt over my very dear friend's unfortunate destiny that had affected my own health for months.

Since then there has been several occasions when I have noticed an inceptive eye problem and immediately take the time to go through my life situation. Calm action takes care of the vision problems once more.

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