Your definition of wellness is yours by definition.

The definition of wellness includes all that which makes you feel healthy, happy, curious and successful. And that, of course, is different from person to person.

Wellness is not just not being sick. It is when the state of your life is of such high quality you feel you can lean back, and just enjoy, and share with others without the feeling of wanting something back.

When you are well you have the things you need in place or within reach. You feel calm and certain you will be able to deal with what comes. You have the perspective that originates from deep inside where confidence due to experience and faith grows.

As mentioned above, different people have different needs. This became most obvious to me when I was in Africa. In a small village along one of the main roads I met men, women and children with eyes radiant with happiness and curiosity. They were not going anywhere, they hung out there, amongst the cottages sharing and contributing with each other. Do I need to say that their standard of housing, health care, transport, clothing and freedom was vastly different from ours in western Europe?

What I saw there was a completely other definition of wellness than that which I see among my friends and neighbours, but just as true.

Looking at the details then, there are several pieces that make up the wellness cake. In general, which is the only way to list them, as it would be way too long otherwise, you might want to pay attention to and indulge in aboundance:

  • Your health, of course, since it's very important to feel physically well.
  • Your friends; stay in touch somehow most every day. Make them know you love them. I love the lyrics in the Armstrong tune: I see friends shaking hands, saying "How do you do?". They're really saying "I love you".
  • What you eat and drink is a major part of the general definition of wellness. If you pamper your body it will return the favour by functioning well both physically and mentally.
  • Stay in healthy contact with the Creator of Nature as well as with Nature itself. Every moment you are still and enjoy the little things in nature you give to your overall wellness.
  • Your own creative side. And don't think you don't have one! Few things are as fulfilling as being creative. It could be to cook a meal with quality ingredients and with colour and taste. To join a choir, play an instrument, work on a classic car or carefully work in a garden.
  • But equally rewarding is it to enjoy other's artistic work; see a play at a theatre, view art in a gallery; listen to music, a concert or a record, read a good, interesting book etc.
  • Having healthy and loving relationships which is easy if you have an open heart and are compassionate and curious. When you have good communication skills and love in your heart then this piece of the wellness cake is one of the sweetest. Every day will feel like a gift when you will have the opportunity to learn something new.
  • To find out which is your gift to the world and work within that area. Not only will you feel more fulfilled yourself, as your life is more meaningful, but also will those who benefit from your work (not financially) appreciate what you do for them.
  • You deserve a comfortable life and living in an area where the climate suits your needs.
  • When you travel you increase your understanding of the world and it's inhabitants and that learning is most valuable when you are back in your own backyard, dealing with your daily life.
  • The importance of satisfying leasures that doubtlessly could include some if not all of the above list.
  • A "must include" in the definition of wellness is the vitally importance of laughter, the good laughter when you laugh with someone (not at them). The good laughter is a key to gain wellness and a key component to maintain it. Take whatever measure you can to laugh as much as you can every day and your life's overall wellness will improve, you will look younger, stay healthier, with a grand apetite of life the way it was meant to be.

    These are general suggestions. Some of them will not fall into your personal definition of wellness, but they are listed to give you an idea what to strive for.

    Tips on how to improve your wellness; continue to this Wellness page for some suggestions.

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