A definition of time management that will tickle you to act.

When you think of a definition of time management it might strike you as an expression for something the regular yuppie would use but not anyone else. If there are in fact any yuppies around they probably use it but it is not for them solely. It's for everybody.


What is time management?

Lots and lots of people live their lives from moment to moment and day by day. Then when something appears they must or should do they put it on the to-do-list and some gets done and some doesn't.

When you use time management you have a clear idea of how much time you have at your disposal, what's on your to-do-list, their order of importance, how much time each item requires and finally how much time available for unscheduled issues.

You will check off each task as soon as it's done and you will check the clock too, to make sure you are within your estimated frames. If a task takes longer to complete than expected you make a note of that, look through the list again to see if there is anything you can re-schedule for the next day and then continue with the list as planned.

A definition of time management should involve the process that starts with the things you do, plan, organize, write lists and how that effects your mental attitude.

To manage your time and life like this is a technique, a skill that you easily learn. Together with some of the other tools it gives you nearly full control and that's just the secret to why it's so good. We love control. As we should, because control can give us freedom.

Once you rest in the feeling of control your mind can relax and soon you become aware of how much unscheduled time you actually have to spend as you please.

With time and depending on your personality your previous moment-to-moment kind of living will fit nicely into your time managed life. You will have the time and energy to seize every day to the fullest.

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