A definition of stress is a good place to start.

A definition of stress will suggest what stress can mean to you. What stress is, is the reaction to an event or situation (could be unexpected) that puts you under great pressure. A threat.

You may experience stress at work, at home or anyplace were you face a situation, real or imaginary that exceeds what you normally can bear, cope and handle. Ow! and you feel pushed to the limit.

When this happens you must act fast, deciding: Do you have enough rescources and are you capable of coping with the challenge or not. If you are totaly surprised by the situation, or stressor, you might choose, like any animal, to fight or flight.

We commonly use the defintion of stress as being positive (good) or negative (bad).

Anyone who consider themselves strong, fast or intelligent enough to cope with an upcoming situation won't feel negative stress. Instead they will be challenged by the whole thing and might even enjoy going about it. (Positive stress.)

But we feel negative stress when we for some reason doubt our capability. When we don't believe we can meet the challenge and succeed.

Stress, as you know, can be physical, psycological as well as mental. You may experience physical stress, and it may be really painful, but you accept it, to a certain limit, if your mind is focused on "making it". When you are stressed mentally, it seems you can take on huge amounts of tasks, personal issues, other's problems and still function. However, if the smallest physical strain is added you collaps. Do you recognize it?

You can define stress as positive (good) when you feel encouraged to accomplish something (more than normal) or to learn something new. It will enhance your physical, psycological and perhaps intellectual capacities. That gives you great satisfaction.

But you consider it negative (bad) when you believe your means to cope are not sufficient in relation to the proportion of the stressors. That's tough. And under such circumstances you may respond by resigning, withdraw or take an agressive attitude whichever is closest to your nature.

The defintion of stress we use in our daily lives with our family, friends and neighbours are a tight schedule, a long to-do-list, lack of sleep, feelings of worry and frustration amongst others and we mention physical symptoms like muscle pain, headache and eczema etc.

It may very well be that none of those qualify for a doctor's diagnoses but they should all be taken seriously. A definition of stress should be holistic and not necessarily by the doctor's book. If our mind tells us that our reaction is unusual, bothers us or makes us worried than that's "who" we should listen to. And next, take the proper actions to prevent any more serious symptoms.

This was about the definitions of stress, under types of stress you can deepen your understanding.

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