Twelve of the most common causes of stress and it all comes down to one thing.

The causes of stress stated here are merely a fraction of them all. We can feel stressed about just anything. Look at this list.

  • You may have too much to do. That could be a good way to get a lot done, but if you feel bad about the load of work perhaps you need to learn how to say no.

    In today's fast world... we lack time. This is partly an illusion. We may lack time but it may also be that we need to learn how to delegate the job and to prioritize better.

    The burdon of being the only one who take responsibility can be heavy for a normal person. We need strategies to cope, but more than that we need self confidence.

  • Sometimes we hesitate to perform, concerned we might fail, perform poorly or step on somebody else's toes. If we are unsure our result will live up to our own or somebody else's standards and we worry about that, then we are under stress due to high expectations. When we are we may choose to procrastinate but that strategy seldom works. Instead it brings on lowered self esteem - and the job is still undone.
  • How about Holidays? Any holiday can be a cause of stress. Although it ought to be the other way around, right? A holiday can bring up heart pained memories and make us sad, or it can mean we must spend time with people we do not get along with, or we can be forced to be separated from a loved one. Vacation or Holiday season both should be times of recreation and love.

  • We can be asked to step out of our comfort zone for some reason. There are people who never, ever in their lifetime leaves the safety and comfort in their own small world. Others have the habit of not letting thoughts and feelings rule, instead they just act. Which of these are you?Further discussions at positive thinking. You may also like resistance to change.

  • Financial stress is huge. It is the reason for so much harm in our lives and so much worry and unfairness. Everyone who has been there knows that "money is not important" is only true for those who have it.

  • As a source of income our work and related issues are a major cause of stress. It can be anything from with whom we work, if we feel appreciated, if the pay is fair to if we feel we are challenged enough and so forth.

  • We are all different but we all share the fact that we are living inside a body, and that body can get deseases, it inevitably gets old and it can be injured. Stress about health is most common and connected with strong feelings. It is wise, and nothing else, to be concerned with ones health.

  • Divorce, separation and loss are all severe causes of stress and should be treated with the deepest respect for the impact they can bear on our lives. As is the event of death close to us.

  • Did you ever have an argument that lingered with you for a long time afterwords? Maybe you or the other person said something hurtful or not altogether true, or you are sorry for the breaking of the friendship and you wish it could be healed somehow. Thought about that on the feedback page.

  • As parents we can spend many sleepless nights worrying about a numerous things in our childs life. It can wear us down and help us to keep our child healthy and happy. Parental stress.

  • Not seldom our feelings of stress lies deep in our concious minds. We concieve the world with our senses and the picture is translated and compared with our inner picture of how things are and should be. The two may come in conflict with each other and our values. This can and will cause stress until a shift of either our perception or our values have occurred.

  • Quite a common reason why we feel stress is when changes in our lives happen. To start a new job, change where one lives, loose a job, child moving out, parents sudden need of care are some of them. It could be, the choice is all ours, for instance if we decide to move to a new house or another area, but still the change requires a new start of some kind and it can be a cause of stress.

If any of these causes of stress are why you feel stress...

Remember how Batman learned how to stand calm in a cave with bats flying all around him? Whatever causes of stress there are in your life you can use your mind to alter that.

Stress is often a mind set thing. Read about mind power.

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