Business goals are the backbone.

Don't neglect them. Without motivational and realistic business goals you may never get your business over the first hump. And you need to check on them regularily to make sure they are still set to where you really want to take your enterprise.

Far too many entrepreneurs do not realize the importance of having their business goals written down on paper. They seem to think a vague idea in their head is enough to get the business flourish. They may be lucky and do pretty well, at least for a period of time. But for at successful enterprise you need to plan both long term and short term and act accordingly.

With an explicit plan on paper you can always go back to check

  • on your progress
  • evaluate if your strategy is working, considering your up to date earnings and the feedback from clients, customers and partners
  • decide whether to make any adjustments on the direction of the business

I have a favourite man when it comes to success in business. His name is Jack Canfield. You can check out his site and sign up for his free calls, full of great advice. He has helped me in so many areas.

When deciding on your business goals you can follow the SMART goals plan where
S stands for Specific
M for Measurable
A for Action to take
R stands for Realistic
T for Time specific
⇒ Be very specific on what you want to achieve. Include your vision with your company and the goals for the next 3-5 years. Split those into smaller goals so your short term goals are for periods of 2-3 months ahead.
⇒ Your achievements must be measurable so you know when you have attained them. Numbers and revenues.
⇒ Which steps do you and your employees need to take to reach the goal. Have one responsible who'll report back to you.
⇒ Take your time when deciding the goal to make sure it's within the margin of possibility. Hopefully it will lie enough outside of your present skills and knowledge so there's a development attached to it, but still realistic.
⇒ Set a date when you feel your goal should be a reality, if you don't, it never will be.

Engage as many of your staff or coworkers as possible, but within reason, or they won't feel your goal has anything to do with them. They too want to develope new skills and improve their knowledge and such incentive could be enough to take your company to new hights.

Best of luck.
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