Gain control and energy through easy breathing exercises.

The following is the best way to begin any of the breathing exercises on this page. However, the circumstanses may not permit you sitting down or your hands may be occupied holding or holding on to something. Then so be it. You will benefit anyway, absolutely.

Sit down as comfortable as possible in an upright position with your feet on the floor. Let your hands rest in your lap or alongside your body. Having breathed normally until now gently press out the remaining air in your lungs.

Now, take a deep breath filling your stomach. Make sure you fill it completely and then continue to fill your lungs all the way up to the top. Keep your breath and count till 2 before you exhale slowly preferably through your mouth.

Breathing exercises like this should be repeated at least twice. Up to 5 times is good. But no more.
You can make some adjustments according to your needs. For example:

  • Instead of counting to just 2, while holding your breathe, count to 3 or 5 before exhaling.
  • While you are counting, try to relax shoulders, neck and stomach as best you can.
  • When exhaling, relax completely and let the air rush out through your mouth. Like a giant sigh.
With every exhale make sure to relax your body as much as you can and your position permits.

Note! If you feel as though you cannot inhale any air or not very much then try to press out all you can before inhaling again. Not seldom we are trying to inhale when our lungs are already full. Simply because we are not used to do concious breath work.

If you are worried, scared or angry you are probably feeling great tension around your belly. It can be so intense you cannot inhale enough air into your lungs, as the tension builds cramps in your muscles.

Try this breathing exercise: Empty your lungs by contracting your stomach. As you inhale look straight in front of you at a spot on the same level as your eyes or a bit higher. When you exhale move your eyes, and your head down so that you look at your stomach. You will feel a profound relief.

This effective stress relief works super well with any physical tension e.g. in your body. Start by looking in the other direction from the tension and as you exhale turn your eyes and your head towards the tension.

In yoga practises you will find several breathing exercises. Any one of them are exellent to perform daily or at least regularly.

This first one is so simple you may be deluded into believing it will have little or no effect. It is not so. If you do it ones a day for three weeks you will experience great difference in how your body and mind meets life.

Lie on the floor on a yoga madras or alike, on your back with your feet slightly separated and your arms resting alongside your body. Close your eyes. Be completely still. For a moment, feel only how still you are. Concentrate for some time on how still you are.
Then start to notice that this still body is alive and it's breathing. Notice the breathing without controlling it. Just let the breathing go on on its own. Don't push or hold back. Breathe freely.
Notice that your stomach raises as you inhale and lowers as you exhale. Do not pay any attention to your mind while breathing. Be still and breath freely. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes up to 30 minutes.

Another refreshing breathing exercise is breathing alternately. This is how you do it:
Sit upright and comfortably. With your right hand use the thumb respective your ringfinger to close your nostrils as you breathe. Let your forefinger and middle finger rest on your forehead while doing the exercise.

Begin by closing your right nostril with the thumb and inhale slowly through the left nostril as quietly as you can. Close the left nostril with your ringfinger and open the right by lifting your thumb. Slowly and quietly exhale through the right nostril. Inhale through the right nostril and close it to exhale through the left as completely as you can. Repeat the round. In left, out right, in right, out left. Do it five times in total. Eventually (when you get really good at it) you may extend it up to 22 times, but never more.

A bracing quick one. Great to do first thing in the morning and whenever stress gets the better of you.
Stand straight with your feet apart so you feel steady. Raise your arms up towards the cieling and your hand open and fingers stretching out. Begin with a deep breathe in, as much air as you possibly can and hold it for a second before you continue. You should only breathe through your nose during this exercise.
Next clunch your hands and quickly pull your elbows down and press your overarms and elbows against the sides of your body with force so that the air in your lungs is pressed out. Raise your arms back up above your head while inhaling as much as you can.
Without a paus repeat the exhaling pressing your arms and elbows against the sides of your lungs. Lift your arms and inhale. Do the inhale - exhale ten times. Afterwords stand still with your arms hanging loose for at least 2-3 minutes, breathing normally.

This breathing exercise is very powerful and it might be you'll find it too much to do the whole ten times, at least in the beginning. That's alright. Take your time with it.

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