Treat yourself with aromatherapy for stress relief and overall wellness.

The beneficial effects of aromatherapy for stress relief as well as other uses of essential oils have been known for many thousand years. However it has not gained much scientific respect in the western world due to a lack of scientific proof of its benefits.
Regular users of aromatherapy don't agree, of course. Our bodies and minds respond to the oils. And we do not need proof to believe.
Aromatherapy for stress relief is but one of many effects with the help of all natural essential oils.

In many countries the use of essential oils are widely accepted among medical doctors.
You might want to try them as a first alternative before even consulting a doctor, while the problem is still minor. Or, if you have tried all of the doctor's suggestions and still don't feel completely well you might consult an aromatherapist for advice.

A good thing if you are new to aromatherapy is to try the mild oils that bring comfort and relaxation just to get familiar with the concept.
Note! Never use the oil as is. Always dilute it. Always read the warning label before use.

Some suggestions for aromatherapy: For stress relief you can use Lavender, Chamomile or Sandalwood.
When you feel sad use Bergamot or Neroli.
Orange is another great oil for relaxation and in fact many more effects. Avoid sun a few hours after topical use though as your skin may burn more easily.
How to use: Add up to 10 drops in a tub and soak for up to 15 minutes. You can either drop the oil as it is into the water while you fill the tub. (This is not recommended for children or if you have sensitive skin) Or you can mix the essential oil with a tbs carrier oil (see further down) or if you do not want the oily feeling this gives to the water you can mix the essential oil with honey. If you prefer massage you can mix the essential oil with a carrier oil (should be all natural and pure, vegetable oil e g coconut, avocado, sesame). One drop of essential oil with 9 drops of carrier oil is usually fine but this may vary and you might want to read the package note.

I warmly recommend you to visit Dimitris at The Green Living Expert to learn more about the advantages of aromatherapy.

A general rule when buying essential oils is to not choose the cheaper ones. They are perhaps extracted incorrectly or from the wrong part of the plant to be called a 100% essential oil. When you use let's say lavender as aromatherapy for stress relief only a few drops of oil from Lavendula Agustifiola is needed. A small bottle will last long and so the cost may not feel so high after all.

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