Affirmations can add the frosting to the cake.

For any change in life, positive affirmations will work as your armour protecting you from mental pitfalls. Repeat as a mantra but with feeling and stress will pass you by.

In connection to positive thinking, this technique is worth mentioning. It works deeper in us than the positive attitude and with astonishing effects.

Affirmations are shorter sentences claiming that an event/wish has already occurred and by stating it we confirm the fact.

There are some criteria that has to be reached for an affirmation to work.

  • It should be stated in the present tense; as if happening now.
  • You can only wish for youself, never for anyone else.
  • Always wish for what you want, never what you do not want.
  • Involve feelings in it so that it touches you emotionally when you say it.

    Choose a subject that is important to you. Something you want to achieve, be or have. The technique doesn't work when your wish could be harmful to someone else.

    How can they help in a stressful situation? Like in a battle, it's too late to put on your armour when a sword is wielded at you. Instead you should prepare yourself before entering the fields.

    As with affirmations. When you recognize an upcoming situation as one that will put pressure on you, you may be unsure your mind will stand firm, not yield to stress. Then think of what you want to have and feel. Make up a suitable phrase or sentence and say it repeatedly for days before. That is your armour. When a stressful situation appears you are mentally armed with a strong belief. Your mind is focused on your wish and harmful feelings will recoil on your firm belief.

    This is a remarkable tool. If you are new to it it may strike you as unscientific and it may be, but it works!

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    If you enhance your positive thinking and open mind set with positive pictures of your life when it's at its best your feelings of stress will eventually dissolve as your belief grows.

    Wouldn't that be worth a slightly silly look?

    Here are some examples of working affirmations for you:

    • I smile contentedly as I pull in at the available parking lot right outside the office.
    • I feel light as a feather since I easily lose weight, 3 pounds since last week.
    • I'm so happy I scored 100% on the test. Now, I have my licence.
    • I am so good. I have checked all things on my to-do-list. The rest of the day is at my disposal.
    • My presentation at work is a success. I did well and they loved the idea.
    • I am very proud to be such an excellent parent for my child.
    • People like me, and so do I.
    • I am loved.
    • My health is perfect.
    • I am calm and able to think clearly.
    • I always take wise decisions.

    That's it really. Funny how some words can do it for you.

    Our mind is an instrument that can be mastered and with that life's events will no longer be something that happens to us but that of intention and choice.

    When we use positive affirmations as a complement to a positive mind set we are in control, holding the joystick to our mind and our life.

    Write your dreams and wishes, small and big. Read them aloud several times a day for at least 40 days and after that as often as you want, and know that your life is in your mind. Since it's so powerful; be careful what you wish for.

    Have fun with it!

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