It is easier to accept change with an open mind.

It seems so much easier to resist than to accept change. But once you have decided to accept it the rewards are fulfilling.

During the process from resistance to acceptance your mind is having an internal battle. While in resistance it sees only the benefits of what you already have or know and you will want to frame yourself from all that which is unfamiliar. After you have been fed with facts, pictures or arguments, appealing to your intellectual mind or touching your emotions, your firm standpoint might begin to weaken. If someone you like or respect is pro change you will find it easier to finally accept the change yourself.

As in so many other situations in life it is crucial to learn how to release old habits and ways of thinking. And you may discover that "to let go" of the old, could be just as hard as that to accepting change.

How well you learn this capability to let go, has very much to do with how well you can manage stress that occurs in your life. You will discover that it'll be much easier if you are convinced the change will be valuable for yourself and perhaps others too. The conviction is based on the criterion mentioned below.

Furthermore, it is greatly dependent on you feeling trust; On your faith in that whatever happens is okay; that you will be okay and that when you accept change as a part of life's plan for you, you are safe and well taken care of.

Once you accept the change as something that will enhance your life situation, add to your personality, increase your success rate etc. you will realize that the old way held you back and in order to progress change is necessary and good. If you have doubts, your actions will be unfocused as will the result, so make sure you have your mind set on accepting the change as the absolutely best way to go. If there are any mishaps along the way that's valuable feedback, not a sign that you took the wrong turn. You can choose to see those bumps as opportunities to learn.

When the battle is over and you have decided to "go over to the other side" to try that which is new or different some of the mental work is done but now awaits the learning of new skills and getting used to new habits.

After some time, when you've adapted all the new to your life and your personality you should look back and notice what the change has brought you. Chances are you will be greatly satisfied.

To open up to what life has to offer and to the sweetness of living simply through accepting change as a natural part of life's gifts to us is a sign of trust and love. Trust in that which is greater than ourselves and love for that greatness and for all living beings including ourselves.

In my view, we are all part of a plan and it is rarely so that we are aware of what the plan is. But that it all will run so much smoother if we let go of our need of control and understanding of everything.

So, to accept change without any or very little resistance is a mature and brave way to avoid feelings of stress.

What is worth looking into is the method you use to go from resistance to acceptance since that method will be the same every time. Which in turn means that should you come in a situation where your resistance is very strong, applying the method will help you go about it despite.

Think through what circumstances or criterion does it for you. Is it cold facts, gut feelings, emotional respons, other's opinions, testimonials or trends/popularity? It could be a mixture of two or more. Most people need to seclude themselves for a (short)period of time to consider the situation and integrate the new idea or thing before the fully can accept changes.

Not seldom the criterion are similar to those when you are about to take any significant decisions. E.g. buying a new car or washing machine; choose where to go for your vacation and so forth. This method, that works for you, is yours. No one else can say that it's wrong or bad. If it's good for you, it's good, but should you decide one day to alter the method, to include or disclude some criterion that's fine too.

To become aware of which method is best for you to choose whenever you need to accept change is a most valuable insight. It should give you greater understanding for you as an human being. It will probably open your heart and strengthen your love for yourself as you have discovered yet another part of your complexed Self.

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