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How nice of you to visit my site. I hope you will enjoy your reading and find some valuable information. I did this site for you.

When it comes to stress I've been there, done that and I have a whole bunch of t-shirts. And all that learning... I'm so glad I figured out a way to share what I learned all these years. So that's the reason for this site. If any one of you readers benefit from it then I've succeeded.

In my family no one else dealt with anything, they held a world of feelings, problems and unfinished business inside themselves. I did not. I screamed, cried and spoke out. None of the others could handle me so neither could I. It took me several years of therapy, reading, and trial and error before I could be me in any situation. Did I ever feel stress? That was all I knew. And looking at my family I assumed that was how it should be.

Years went by and within me grew a feeling, no, more like I was certain that a human's life does not have to be so hard but that we are supposed to be happy, blissful even.

I began searching. Looking for proof and for the means to become blissful. And bit by bit I found what I was looking for. I also realized I was accompanied by so many more people who was longing for a harmonious, happy life. I started to share with them what had worked for me and it seemed that my solutions worked for others too. Hence my site.

Today I run my own company, AngelHeart-Inner Strength And Courage, which is focused on coaching, training and speaking, besides building this website, which is a small business of its own. I am married and we have three sweet and talented girls that I am extremely proud of. We live in an old school-house in the very south of Sweden, Europe.

Feel free to contact me with questions. My coach toolbox is huge and I know well how to use it. These are my professional skills:
Certified Success coach;
Confidence Coach;
Personally trained by Jack Canfield in teaching his Success Principels to individuals, small and large groups;
NLP Practitioner;
Reconnective Healing Practitioner;
Certified EmoTrance Practitioner;
EFT and MET Practitioner with TAT;
Law of Attraction Facilitator

You can check my site Anna-Molander.com

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