EFT is the easiest way I've come across to clear the deepest problems.

and I still find it hard to believe sometimes.

EFT is a technique that adresses the energy flow in the body's meridians. Compared to acupuncture where needles are used to stimulate the meridian points with this technique one uses light massage or tapping with ones fingertips to recieve the desired effect.

Futhermore, the EFT method combines the physical effects of meridian treatment with the mental effects due to the simultaneous focusing on a pain or a problem. The result brings mental wellness as well as physical wellness.

If you agree with me that some beliefs, values and conceptions stop us from being and achieving everything we rightfully should. Such beliefs, values and conceptions were planted in us at very young age. Little did we know about the harm they would cause us for rest of our lives.
As an adult you could experience something like this:

  • Even though you have all skills neccessary to perform a task, you lack the confidence to even try, or you try and fail simply because you "knew" you would.
  • You may find yourself over and over again in a destructive relationship simply because you are convinced you don't deserve any better.

Up until recently talk therapy has been the main way to try to bend these beliefs, values and conceptions to work for us instead of against us. But from 1979 and forward the Energy Psychology, also called Meridian Energy Therapies began to take it's rightful place in the frontline of alternative therapies. The first, and at that time most prominent of these were Thought Field Therapy (TFT), developed by Roger Callahan, psychologist. What Callahan had discovered was that if you tap on a combination of a few meridian points you can correct emotionally caused problems, such as phobias. This was an amazing discovery, however not so easy to perform, with all the different combinations one needed to learn.
In the 1990's one of Callahan's students, Gary Craig, had another suggestion. What he had found was that tapping on a set of points every time without taking in consideration which problem was tapped on, and without adjusting the points accordingly worked just as well and was far more easier to remember and follow. He called his version of phychological therapy for Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT.

The technique has been known to help and give substantial relief to all kinds of problems and diseases included but not limited to:

  • Fears
  • Phobias
  • Allergies
  • Physical pain
  • Procrastination
  • Migraine
  • Addictions
  • Traumas

For most people who try the method the greatest challenge is to acknowledge the great effect of something that seems so simple. Once they do, though, they are astonished by the result, let alone the broad spectra of what can be tapped on.

The above information on this page was approved by Ann-Sofi Forsberg, inter alia AMT-EFT trainer and Kjell Forsberg, inter alia AMT-EFT trainers trainer. Please see www.centerforenergipsykologi.se

Are you carrying any negative feelings that you would rather not have? Any thoughts that limit you or a behaviour that's not who you really are, or want to be?
I would love to do EFT with you to release whatever unwanted things you carry. There's a variety of techniques in my toolbox and we can easily work over Skype and/or phone.

I invite you to contact me to make an appointment for a first talk.

On that we establish contact and if we both want to proceed we book another appointment for an EFT session. The number of sessions required to release negative feelings or unwanted thoughts are usually 1 - 3. Each session being 1-2 hours long. However, best is to not have any expectations. I've seen problems vanish within twenty minutes and others that took four sessions. Most times a problem takes longer it's because other issues connected to the first one surfaces and must be dealt with before the core issue can be resolved.

EFT is a gentle method to go deep. Emotions that arises are balanced and healed while the problem is tapped on and even though it is okay to end the session ones the pain is gone it is a good idea to continue tapping until the negative has transformed not only to neutral but to positive and beyond.

Don't hesitate - every day you can live without pain is a day gained.

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